13 Manly New Year’s Resolutions for 2016


Every year, when welcoming in a new year, most people try to make a few resolutions that they think will impact their lives for the better. Some popular resolutions are weight loss, healthy eating, less social media, more time with family, etc., etc., but there are definitely some resolutions that every man would do well to consider.

Bring it on 2016.

13 Manly New Year’s Resolutions for 2016:

1. Do Something on Your Bucket List

There’s no reason to wait until you’re nearly dead to start living the way you’ve always wanted. And your bucket list is more than just a to-do list, it’s a way-to-live list.

My recommendation is to start crossing things off as regularly as possible. Ready, set, go.

2. Learn Something New

Learning a new skill is an often overlooked thing, but many of us could substantially enrich our lives by learning some basic DIY skills. Learn something useful that you can pass on.

3. Create a Mancave

Every man needs a space to chill and just be himself. Set up a place for yourself where you can do just that. Maybe it’s as simple as a workshop in the garage or a chair in the bedroom where you can read. Either way, make the space your own.

4. Get Things Done

If you say you are going to do something, then its time you get off your ass and start doing it. Find reasons for taking action and don’t even consider a single reason not to. Men get things done. Talking the talk without walking the walk is for boys.

5. Start Engaging in Greater Physical Activity

Every year we all promise to get in better shape so 2016 should be no different. Except this year, why not figure out what things you can do to get into better shape that you actually like doing. Men need to maintain physical activity in order to maintain both peak physical and mental performance.

6. Speak Up and Be Heard

No matter how smart you are, if no one hears what you have to say, you won’t make a difference.

7. Eat Healthier

Diets can be taxing, but eating healthy has all the benefits of a diet. Start small by cutting crap food out of your diet completely. Building a healthier body feels better. What other reason could you possibly need to treat your body with care?

8. Get Some Sleep

It’s high time you get that 7-8hours of sleep your body needs. Start going to bed earlier so that you can do that.

9. Take a Vacation from Technology

As a culture, we have access to a lot of information — be it from the Internet, television, print or radio. Some would say we have access to too much information. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed in this area, maybe an Information Diet is something to consider. Start to follow fewer websites, don’t use your iPad as often, talk less about sports and television shows.

10. Be Reckless

It’s very easy to get in the habit of conformity as a form of social aptitude. Don’t do it! Question authority, stand out in the crowd, and make up your own mind. If it gets you into a little trouble, learn to take it like a man and accept responsibility for your actions.

11. Less Beer, More Whiskey

While we all enjoy cold beer now and again, at least try to acquire a taste for a good whiskey. It doesn’t hurt that women seem to appreciate a man of good tastes.

12. More Button-Ups, Less T-Shirts

There’s a time and a place for t-shirts. And if you don’t want to part ways from your favorite fraternity band party; simply pick your time when (or how) to wear it. Wearing your iconic (or ironic) t-shirt underneath a nice Oxford will give you a good enough reason to hold onto your favorite tee.

13. Vote

Don’t make excuses, just get it done.

Goodbye, 2015…

Here’s to a safe, happy, and prosperous 2016.

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