13 Things Every Southern Girl Should Own: A Signature Flower

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Here’s the deal: if you’re a woman living in the great American South (or want to be) (or consider yourself a Southerner) there are a few things that every Southern girl should own. We’ve narrowed the list down to 13 items of equal importance and will be revealing them over the next couple of weeks. Here’s just one of things every Southern girl should own. 

We know this may sound a little odd, but if you live in the South, you must have a signature flower.

How will your boyfriend know what to send you when he’s in the doghouse? And how will your friends know what flowers to send on your birthday? How will plan your wedding? These are important questions, y’all. And “I don’t have one” is simply not an acceptable answer.

Flowers are a way of life down here and everyone knows a good southern girl must be highly educated in Southern flora. This is important in choosing one’s ‘signature flower’ because to choose the “cannot-survive-any-weather-above-60 degrees” Colorado Columbine is worthy of a bless her heart. (Raise your hand if you know what we are talking about!)

So just how does one go about choosing her signature flower? Here are a few simple guidelines to follow:

  • The flower should be native to the South making it easily accessible in your region. No one wants to spend $400 to send you a glorious bouquet of exotic flowers flown in from Hawaii. Unless of course, you are Beyonce’ (She is from the South though, so she too, must have a signature flower).
  • Speaking of bouquets, your flower must be bouquet-able. In case you aren’t sure what that means, let us explain. If you can put them in a vase and they look good, congratulations! They are bouquet-able.
  • It needs to be an actual flower, one that grows out of the ground. When someone figures out why Arkansas and Florida chose fruit-tree blossoms as their state “flowers” let us know. When was the last time you saw a bouquet of apple blossoms? Exactly.
  • For the love of all things floral, do not, we repeat, DO NOT choose the cliche red rose. White roses, yellow roses, pink roses, even coral, blue or green roses are excellent choices. Just no red.
  • Carnations. You don’t want to be considered a cheap date and that’s what this flower says.

Now that you know what not to choose, let’s take a look at a few excellent choices:

  • Peonies are perfect for those with an old soul. They look great in bouquets and they smell fabulous.
  • Tulips are also a great choice -a little on the high maintenance side, but overall a feel good flower. Just make sure you plan a spring wedding or are prepared to quadruple your flower budget if they are out of season.
  • Daisies also “bouquet” well and tend to work best for a causal wedding. If this is your favorite flower you most likely are the person everyone wants at their party!
  • Purple bearded iris’ are so southern, we think they were invented down here. We love the look, we love the color and we love that it is a classic.
  • Hydrangeas are an amazing choice and always look great in bouquets and are perfect for a traditional southern wedding.

No pressure, but choose wisely. These flowers are going to be at your wedding and arriving on your doorstep every year for the rest of your life on your wedding anniversary. Good luck!

Image Source: BigStock, Khánh Hmoong via Compfight cc