13 Things Every Southern Girl Should Own: Cowboy Boots

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Here’s the deal: if you’re a woman living in the great American South (or want to be) (or consider yourself a Southerner) there are a few things that every Southern girl must own. We’ve narrowed the list down to the 13 items of equal importance and will be revealing them over the next couple of weeks. Here’s just one of things every Southern girl should own. 

Cowboy boots. A true Southern girl spends her days outdoors. You will find her basking in the sunlight doing the things she loves rather than sitting indoors or hanging out at the mall. This girl loves her four-wheeler, fishing poles and camping. No way a fancy stiletto will work for her. What every Southern girl should own is at least one pair of cowboy boots. At least. 

We say “at least” because we know what she really needs is a selection of cowboy boots to choose from on any given day of the week. The cowboy boot to the southern girl is the equivalent of a high heel to the city girl. She can’t have just one pair. The boots she wears while mucking around in the woods probably won’t work for dancing the night away in a hot pair of skinny jeans. And that is just fine with the Southern girl. She’s more than happy to have several pairs in her closet!

While it really doesn’t matter what style you choose, it does need to be well made. You want a boot that is going to be with you through thick and thin. And did we mention you must love it? Your boots should express your personality with flare! 

We chose a few of our favorite pairs:

Classic Boot

Just like the name says. Classic brown is the go-to boot that you can wear over and over and with everything! Whether you pair them with jeans, shorts, skirts or a dress…they look great.

Touch of Color

Not ready to commit to boot of full color? This is perfect for you! We love how the small pops of color really make this boot stand out, yet still maintains the ability to be considered a neutral.

Fancy Inlays

Don’t you love the description? Fancy inlays. These boots are beautiful and will be there for you while you dance the night away. The possibility with inlays are endless. Monotones, contrasts and even color – the choice is all yours.

Short, Yet Edgy

For the southern girl who likes her boots a little on the edgy side. We love everything about these boots. The studs, the straps, the leather….you can’t go wrong with this one.


Intricate designs make these boots so interesting. We love the simplicity paired with the beauty of unique embroidery. These boots are perfect for the Southern romantic.

Pops of Color

These boots are for the southern girl who demands all the attention. Everyone will notice, not only the boots, but the girl wearing them!

Other Things You Should Own

An Amazing Pair of Jeans

An Allegiance to a College Football Team