13 Things Every Southern Girl Should Own: Pearl Earrings

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Here’s the deal: if you’re a woman living in the great American South (or want to be) (or consider yourself a Southerner) there are a few things that every Southern girl should own. We’ve narrowed the list down to 13 items of equal importance and will be revealing them over the next couple of weeks. Here’s just one of things every Southern girl should own. 

Every Southern girl’s jewelry box must (must) include a pair of pearl earrings.

Pearl earrings are classic, timeless and have a quiet sophistication that can’t be matched by any other piece of jewelry. Pearls are a statement piece without being gaudy. They are attention-getting without being noticeable. They can be worn with anything from an evening gown to a t-shirt. They are perfect for your wedding or your cousin’s wedding or a day at the beach. And how many pieces of jewelry can you say that about? You can wear pearls and show them off with an up-do or wear your hair down and show them off at just the right time.

Pearls, like a classic Southern lady, are showy and understated all at the same time.

Pearl earrings are the piece of jewelry you wear to prom, but also to the Alabama vs. LSU game. Your grandmother always finds them presentable and that’s probably because she gave you your first pair. It’s likely the gift was to mark some kind of very special occasion or that it was just time for you to get a pair. There’s really no escaping a pair of pearl earrings if you live in the South. You can go for the real deal and drop a little bit of coin, but you can also find a decent fake pair just about anywhere. Since they are small and white-ish if they fall out they can be hard to find. Start with a fake pair, if your earrings fall out a lot. (I’ve personally lost about 13 pairs of fake pearl earrings.)

Editor’s note: If you’ve been keeping your pearl earring game tight, it’s definitely time to upgrade to a strand of real pearls. Another piece that can be worn anywhere, any time of the year with just about any piece of clothing, minus maybe a fringe vest or short overalls, because you shouldn’t be wearing either. 

We’re all for flare in the South, but really– what’s more Southern than simple sophistication?