15 New Year’s Resolution Ideas That Don’t Include Getting Fit

  1. Don’t burn your mouth for an entire year.If you think about it, this is a practice of patience– after all, how many times has a pizza come to your table at a restaurant and you immediately take a bite and regret your life choices?
  2. Make a signature cocktail of your own. Figure out exactly what your favorite taste and flavors are and concoct your own signature drink– and give it a fun name, of course.
  3. Learn a really cool party trick. For example, I’ve always wanted to learn how to saber a champagne bottle.
  4. Start a new tradition. It doesn’t have to be on a holiday, even!
  5. Pick one night a week that you religiously turn your phone off. Or at least put it on “Do Not Disturb.” Read a book, go out with friends, or watch your favorite movie instead.
  6. Use sunscreen every day for a year. Easier said than done, but it’s a good habit to start!
  7. Floss your teeth every day for a year. If you’re already doing this, good for you. If you’re like the rest of us, WE CAN DO THIS.
  8. Start a thankfulness journal. Keep a notebook by your side table and write down one thing you’re thankful for every single night before you go to bed. Takes 10 seconds and you’ll be able to look back after a year on all of the good things that happened!
  9. Break a personal record. No, this doesn’t have to do with fitness. In fact, if you have a personal record of binge-watching 20 episodes of a show in a row on Netflix, make it 30 this year! To each their own.
  10. Make a new friend. Another one that’s easier said than done! Go out of your way to meet someone new at work, church, school, the grocery store, your local bar– wherever!
  11. Do a friend cleanse. Weed out the people in your life (both virtual and real-life) that are toxic to you.
  12. Start a savings account. If you haven’t already, open up a savings account and get it started. If you already have one, come up with a goal amount that you’d like to be in your savings by the end of the year.
  13. Get a drastic hair cut. If you’re really brave, consider getting a blind haircut!
  14. Master a dish. Learn to cook something that you don’t even have to look at a recipe for and master it.
  15. See a therapist. I’m a firm believer that everyone should see a therapist at some point in their life, if not regularly. Getting a third-party point of view on your life is so helpful.
For those of you joining me on learning how to saber a champagne bottle: