15 Things Only First-Born Children Understand

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If you’re the oldest child, there’s a strong chance that you loathed your younger siblings when they were born. In fact, we’ve heard of oldest siblings refer to the time they were by themselves as the “good ol’ days.” You just can’t figure out why your parents had to mess up a perfectly utopian situation. You were happy, why weren’t your parents happy?

Not only did they bring younger siblings into the picture, but they also used you as the free, constantly available babysitter. This shaped not only your childhood but your entire personality. Have you ever offered your friends hand sanitizer? Yeah, younger siblings don’t do that.

15 Things Only First-Born Children Understand:

1. You are the test child with ridiculously high expectations.

Your parents regularly asked, “What do you mean you are dropping out of violin, piano, horseback riding, your college prep classes, and art? That leaves you with just 6 extracurricular activities!”

2. Your curfew was, by far, the earliest. 

Your poor parents had no idea how to raise a child and were paranoid you would not survive if you stayed out past 11:00 pm. But by the time the 3rd child rolled around, mom and dad were so tired they no longer cared what time they came home. Those younger sibs lived that carefree life you longed for, and you are bitter.

3. Your siblings got a cell phone years before you did.

Your parents didn’t want to spoil you and they weren’t bored yet, so they loved saying the word “no.” You will not let it die that you were 14, but your sister was 10.

4. You are the measuring stick. (For both good and bad) 

On occasion, this went in your favor as you sit back smugly as your parents yelled at your siblings for not producing stellar grades like you did. (Duh! They stay out later AND have a cell phone!) Of course, other times your parents were telling your siblings to not turn out like you. Thanks, mom!

5. You were actually 13-and-a-half when you saw your first PG-13 movie. 

Your siblings were 11. And probably hanging with you.

6. Your siblings got to stay up way later than you did.

You had to be in bed with lights out at 8:30 pm on school nights. But your siblings? As long as they were in the vicinity of their bedroom by 10:00 pm, mom was happy.

7. You were always expected to be the responsible one.

There was no slacking on this one! Every time something happened your parents would turn to you and yell, “You’re the oldest! Be responsible,” even though you were a whopping 10-years-old.

8. When you acted like you were in charge, you were called “bossy.”

This was a no-win situation.

9. You got the blame for EVERYTHING.

No explanation needed for this one!

10. The frustration you felt when your younger siblings did something stupid and your mom would say, “They’re younger, they don’t know any better.”

And you think to yourself, “Mom, they are 15-years-old. Yes, they do!”

11. All the times you were mad because your mom bought the exact same shirt for your sister. And you were 14.

You weren’t happy about this when you were 5 far less at 14!

12. Remember all the times, in addition to babysitting, you had to tutor your siblings? 

For free.

13. Your siblings always wanted to hang out with you because it made them feel older and cooler. 

But you wanted nothing to do with them!

14. But you were shocked at your emotions when your siblings hit a benchmark in their lives like going to high school or college. 

Wow. They are actually growing up too. And you are proud of them.

15. And at the end of the day, you protected your younger siblings with the ferocity of a mama bear protecting her cubs.

The truth is, you love those younger siblings, even if they did get to do everything at a much younger age!