16 Healthy Snacks For Your Picky Toddler

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Your toddler is a picky eater. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I have a hard time getting my toddler to eat anything at all. When she finally decides to eat, she usually won’t touch it unless it has chocolate or a pound of salt on it. That’s when mom and dad have to get creative.

These 16 healthy snacks are creative enough to make snack time fun for your little ones and fill their bodies with the nutrition they need, one bite at a time.

16 Healthy Snacks For Your Picky Toddler:

1. Ants On A Log

Photo Credit: Instagram/@ manual_to_better_living


Fruit & vegetables for logs:



Peaches or nectarines




Cottage cheese

Cream cheese


Peanut butter

Vanilla Yogurt


Almond slivers

Flax meal

Sunflower seeds



Chopped dates

Dried cranberries

Dried pineapple


Mini chocolate chips



Choose any of the fresh fruits and vegetables you’d like. Cut them into “log” shapes and lengths. Cover your fruit and veggie “logs” with spreads of your choice. Sprinkle desired toppings onto your “logs” and press them into the spreads.

2. Apple Dippers


2-3 apples, cored and sliced

¼ cup peanut butter

¼ cup chopped almonds, or other nuts


Dip apples in peanut butter. Then roll in nuts. Serve.

3. “Gingerbread” Cookies


1/4 cup molasses

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon cloves

1/4 cup butter

1 egg

1 banana, mashed

1 teaspoon vanilla

3/4 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

2 cups infant cereal


Preheat oven to 375. Grease a cookie sheet or use parchment paper. Mix together molasses and butter. Mix in egg, banana and vanilla. In a separate bowl, combine dry ingredients. Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and blend together.

4. Banana cereal snack


2 Bananas

Peanut butter

1 cup toasted rice Cereal


Peel the bananas and cut them into thirds. Dump some cereal onto your wax paper, smear the bananas with peanut butter, and roll the peanut butter bananas in the cereal. Serve.

5. Cheese Crackers

Photo credit: instagram/@thekitchenprescription


8 oz Cheddar Cheese, Shredded

4 tablespoons Butter, cut into cubes

1 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder

1/2 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons milk


Place all the ingredients above, except the milk, in a food processor. Pulse until the dough resembles a sand like consistency. Pulse in the milk 1 tablespoon at a time until a ball forms in the food processor. Remove the dough ball and wrap in plastic. Put it in the fridge for 20 min. Roll out the dough to about 1/4 inch thick and cut into shapes. Place on a parchment lined cookie sheet. Poke a small hole in the top of each cracker, if you don’t want them too puffy. Sprinkle them with a little salt on top. Bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes or until crispy.

6. Edible Play-Doh


1 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup honey

2 cups powdered sugar


Mix all ingredients together. It will end up as a large ball of dough for the kids to play with and eat.

7. Banana Dippers


2 Bananas, Sliced

½ Cup Chocolate Chips

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil


Place sliced bananas on a wax paper covered cookie sheet. Place in freezer. Once banana slices are frozen, make the dipping chocolate. Place the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a microwave safe dish. Heat for one minute and then stir. If not melted completely, heat in 30 second intervals. Dip the frozen banana slices in the melted chocolate. Place them on the waxed paper. Place them back in the freezer until chocolate is set. Serve.

8. Pumpkin Pie Dots

Photo Credit: Instagram/@hiroko80


1 cup Vanilla Greek Yogurt

1/2 cup Pumpkin Puree

1/8 teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice



Pour 1 cup of Greek Yogurt into a bowl. Combine pumpkin puree with the yogurt. Add pumpkin pie spice and your desired amount of sugar. Stir together. Drop small amounts onto a sheet of parchment paper and freeze for 20+ minutes.

9. Yogurt Berries



Fresh berries


Line a baking sheet with wax paper. Rinse, drain and pat dry berries then dip each berry into the yogurt to coat it using a toothpick. Transfer to wax paper and freeze. Serve.

10. Fruit Pizza


4 tablespoons cream cheese

4 tablespoons powdered sugar

4 rice cakes

assorted fruits


In a small bowl, mix cream cheese with powdered sugar. Top 4 rice cakes with cream cheese mixture. Top with assorted fruits like raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and pineapple.

11. Pizza Bagels


Pizza sauce

mozzarella cheese


3 mini bages


Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Break apart 3 mini bagels and place on a baking sheet. Top each slice with pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni. Bake for 15 minutes.

12. Graham Crackers


½ Cup whole wheat pastry flour

2 Cups whole wheat flour

¼ Cup sugar

½ Teaspoon salt

1 Teaspoon baking powder

1 Teaspoon cinnamon

1 Stick cold butter, cut up

2 Tablespoons honey

1 Tablespoon molasses

¼ cup water


Put the dry ingredients into a food processor and mix thoroughly. Cut up the butter and put in the food processor and blend on low until crumbly mixture. In a small bowl mix the wet ingredients together. Pour into the food processor and pulse until a dough ball forms. Wrap well in plastic wrap and chill for at least an hour. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then roll out the dough onto a floured surface. Roll the dough to about 1/8 inch thick. Grab a cookie cutter and cut out whatever shape you would like or just cut into squares. Lay them out on a cookie sheet. Poke the tops with a fork to prevent getting too puffy. Bake for 15 minutes or until they are golden brown and crisp.

13. Fruit Snacks From Scratch

Photo Credit: Instagram/@stardar


2/3 Cup Lemon or Orange Juice (for a sour gummy use lemon, for sweet use orange)

2/3 Cup Juiced Berries

4 Packets of unflavored Gelatin

2 Tablespoons Honey


Make sure you have little molds for the fruit snacks or an 8×8 inch pan, before you start. Juice the berries. Place the berries in a blender then strain out the seeds until you get 2/3 cup berry juice. Keep juicing until there is 2/3 cup juice. Use equal parts orange juice and berry juice for a sweet fruit snack. Pour the juices in a pot. Whisk in all the packets of gelatin slowly until completely dissolved. Turn the stove on medium heat and keep stirring. Do not boil, but heat until about to boil. As soon as little bubbles appear around the sides of the pan, take off the stove and let set for five minutes. Using a large spoon, carefully pour the hot liquid in the fish molds or pan. Store in the fridge.

14. Fruit Dip


5 oz. vanilla Greek yogurt

2 tbsp. creamy peanut butter

1 tbsp. mini chocolate chips

fruit and pretzels for dipping


Stir together yogurt and peanut butter until smooth. Stir in chocolate chips. Serve with apple slices or other fruit for dipping.

15. Applesauce Delight


1 cup strawberries

2 cups applesauce

1/2 cup oats

1 teaspoon cinnamon


Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender or food processor. Store in the refrigerator so it can thicken. serve.

16. Sweet Potato Pie Muffins

Photo credit: Instagram/@chantz_777


1 Cup Baby Oatmeal

1 Cup Flour

1 egg

1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda

1/4 cup melted butter



3 jars pureed sweet potato baby food

1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice


Mix the ingredients well. Spray muffin pans with cooking spray. Fill each cup about 2/3 full with batter, and bake in oven at 350 for 20 minutes.

Image Source: BigStock