18 Things Only the Youngest Child Can Understand

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Being the baby of the family isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. For years, your siblings claim that the youngest “gets away with everything” and is “clearly the favorite.”

They have a sort of prejudice against the babies of the family. What they don’t realize is that being the baby of the family comes with its own set of problems. Don’t let the stereotype fool you.

18 Things Only the Youngest Child Can Understand:

1. You knew you could get away with anything.

Your older siblings had already worn your parents out and had probably already done something much worse.

2. There is no evidence you were a baby.

You know what we are talking about. There are approximately 4 hundred million photos of the first born, 100 of the middle child and maybe the one taken at the hospital of you! A baby is a baby at this point.

3. Once the baby, always the baby.

No matter how old you are, your older siblings always refer to you as “the baby.”

4. You had more than your fair share of older sibling jokes.

You were constantly the butt of all their jokes and tricks and they even tricked you into believing you were adopted.

5. You will respond to any name.

You are so used to be called your siblings’ names, your pets’ names or any combination of the two, that you’ll pretty much respond to anything.

6. You hated video game time with your siblings.

You always ended up watching the games rather than playing them. Weird how it was never your turn.

7. Your older sisters used you as a Barbie doll.

From awkward haircuts to magic marker makeup, you were at their mercy!

8. You were basically a servant.

Your siblings made you fetch them everything!

9. You have a broad knowledge of household torture devices.

Who knew a simple pair of kitchen tongs could cause so much pain.

10. You were a wealth of information.

You knew almost everything there was to know about your siblings. But they knew mom and dad would never bother to ask.

11. You live in the shadows of your siblings.

You are constantly compared to their successes. And you are afraid you can’t live up to them.

12. You are the last one at home.

And your parents are clinging to you for dear life because they see the empty nest getting closer.

13. You hate the phrase, “You’re next!”

No matter what the occasion is, a wedding, graduation, baby showers. someone always looks at you and says, “you’re next!”

14. There is always that one relative that insists on calling you an “accident.”

Wow. Thanks, Uncle Bob. That’s a really great thought.

15. You were the last to know major family business.

Remember this conversation:

Oldest sibling: “Mom and dad got divorced…last year.”

You: “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

Middle sibling: “You are the baby and we didn’t want to upset you.”

You: “I’m 24-years old.”

16. You can sleep anywhere.

You spent more than your fair share of time on the floor, on bleachers or on the horrible, hotel pull-out.

17. You have no idea how to work the television remote control.

You rarely, if ever, even got to touch it. Your siblings always had it.

18. You wouldn’t change a thing.

You know you’ve always got someone who will have your back if needed!

Photo Credit: Instagram/@c_l_s09