20 Things That Only Happen in High School

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After graduating from high school, I was ready to put all things high school behind me – the acne, the awkward years, the homework, the cliques, and all the drama. However, now that I’m an adult I have a much different perspective. I see my high school years as some of the most carefree years of my life, and there are quite a few things that I miss about those years.

20 Things That Only Happen in High School:

1. The amazing metabolism of a teenager.

Now, I realize this wasn’t true for every teenager, but my friends and I could eat whatever we wanted without ever worrying about gaining weight. Oh, and we did – burgers, fries, and pizza, and ice cream right out of the carton.

When you’re eating kale chips in your thirties, you really miss those days.

2. High school football rivalries.

Rivalry week was a big deal at our school, and the animosity between the two schools ran deep. Tensions were high, banners were hung, pep rallies were held, and all the hopes of bragging rights for a full year rested on the outcome of that one game.

3. All the pranks.

Pulling harmless pranks is right of passage when you’re in high school. Whether it’s rolling houses with toilet paper, putting dead fish in the ceiling vents, or letting barnyard animals inside the school on senior day – it’s all just a fun part of the high school experience – unless you get caught.

4. Going to homecoming, Sadie Hawkins, and prom.

You’ve got to love all the dances in high school – the drama of who will ask who, the corsages, the pictures before dinner, and, then there’s the dance itself and the after party too.

5. Driving around blaring country music and singing at the top of your lungs.

I miss the days of driving around with friends. The windows were down, Garth Brooks was blaring on the radio, and we all sang at the top of our lungs. We had nowhere to be and not a care in the world.

6. Having Christmas and summer breaks.

What I wouldn’t give to get those long Christmas and summer breaks back – all that time to relax and hang out with friends for days on end.

7. Going to the snow cone stand.

Every group of high school kids has that one place where they all get together every summer night. For my friends and me it was the snow cone stand. We spent hours there just talking and hanging out. The biggest decision you’d make is what flavor snow cone you wanted. It was the epitome of carefree summer nights.

8. Inside jokes.

So many inside jokes with so many friends. You’d laugh hysterically and someone would ask what was so funny. You’d look at your friend and tell the other person, “Oh, it was just an inside joke.”

9. Writing in yearbooks.

In a time before Facebook, messages in the yearbook were some of the last communications before summer or before the end of high school altogether. You had to let people know how much they meant to you – really make it count. Oh, and there was always that person that wrote down the spine of the yearbook, “I signed your crack,” and they thought they were hilarious.

10. Hanging out.

When your mom asks you what you and your friends are doing, you simply reply, “hanging out.” It encompasses a lot of things and is the perfectly vague teenage response.

11. Drama, drama, drama.

So much drama in high school, but looking back most of it wasn’t nearly as dramatic as we all made it out to be. Teenage angst feels heavy at the time, but probably won’t be the worse thing you face in life.

12. Getting your driver’s license.

Turning 16 meant getting your driver’s license and the most freedom you’ve ever had up to that point. It was a big day.

13. Staying up so late that everything is funny.

There’s those weekend nights with friends when you stay up so late that you can’t stop laughing at everything and anything.

14. Sleeping-in.

Back in the day, I could sleep in well into the afternoon (or late afternoon). It’s something that I miss now that I’m a parent, and sleeping in means sleeping till 8:00 a.m.

15. Passing notes.

Back before text messages, you actually wrote down messages on little pieces of paper and either passed them in class or slipped them into someone’s locker.

16. Going to the movies on the weekends.

Going to the movies isn’t what it used to be. I now have to plan in advance what movie to see and then get a babysitter lined up. I pay more for the sitter than I do for the movie, so I miss the days of just showing up at the theater, checking to see what looks good, and seeing a movie just for fun.

17. Taking naps.

A nap was a regular part of my routine after school. I had to rest up so I could talk on the phone till late into the night.

18. Picture collages.

Once upon time, you actually had to develop film to see the pictures you took with your camera. These pictures then became the main décor for binders and lockers, and really good friends took the time to make framed collages for each other.

19. High school sports.

I miss the year-round sports (part of the reason I could get away with eating whatever I wanted). I don’t miss the line drills or long runs in the cold, but I do miss being part of a team and playing my heart out, leaving it all out on the court, field, or track.

20. Best friends forever.

I still keep up with my best friends from high school, but it’s a little harder these days since we all live in different places, have our own families, and our leading very different lives, but I miss those days with my BFFs (best friends forever). We had each other’s backs, faced the drama together, and had a lot of fun along the way. Doing life with best friends was what truly made high school great.

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