21 Unusual Date Ideas to Break The Ice and Not Your Wallet

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A date night failure does not always mean the two of you do not have good chemistry. It could be that the activities planned for your date were not good ice breakers. It’s important to plan the kind of date that will help both of you open up and feel comfortable with each other. In the end, if there isn’t any chemistry there, it will at least keep the night from being awkward, and your wallet from being empty. Try one of these unusual ideas to spark conversations, fun and laughter on your next date night.

1. Take An Art Class

Take an art class together that is offered in your city. It will keep you both from feeling like you have to force conversation and you can see the artistic side (or the lack of) of your date.

2. Find a Parade and Join It 

It’s summer, you can’t step outside without running into a bunch of people celebrating something. Join ’em!

3. Find Unseen Places in Your City

Every city has an array of unique places that are unseen or unknown to the general public. Take a little adventure and discover some of those places for yourselves. Who knows what you might come across? Maybe a secret swimming hole or catfish pond.

4. Go Rock Climbing

Tackling a climbing wall gets you and your date out of your comfort zone, and you can laugh for years about the time you got stuck halfway up the wall.

5. Have a Fried Chicken Cook-Off 

You can learn a lot about a person by watching them cook.

6. Food Fight Picnic

Pack a delicious lunch for a sunny day and enjoy a typical picnic in the park, and then liven it up by smashing it in each others face. This is a good chance to bring out the kid in each other.

7. Invent a New Cocktail

Create your own happy hour in your kitchen instead of cramming into a loud, packed bar with tons of other couples on dates. Try to invent a new kind of cocktail.

8. Karaoke at Dinner

Bring your boldness to a new level, pull up some karaoke on your YouTube app at a restaurant and passionately belt out some of your favorite tunes while you wait for your food. Just be sure to get a corner table, preferably at the back of the restaurant.

9. Project Old Video games and Movies Onto the Side of Your House

Make your own drive through movie at home. Rent a projector and play a life size version of Mario Kart on the side of your house. It’s so much more impressive than going to an arcade and cheaper than a movie theater.

10. Go Wine Tasting

Go to a wine tasting at a vineyard and speak with English accents, make the employees believe you are European.

11. Dress Up, Invent Fantastic Back Stories, and Hang Out at a Bar

Dress up like celebrities, invent fantastic back stories and hang out at the nicest bar in town. Not only will you gain an insight into your date’s true aspirations, but you might also get yourselves invited to an awesome after party.

12. Laser Tag

Nothing is more romantic than screaming and running away from each other, right? A little competition and target practice is the perfect start to a great night of getting to know each other.

13. Get to Know Each Other All Over Again

If you have been dating for a while, meet somewhere familiar and act as though you are strangers, get to know each other all over again. You are bound to learn something about each other you didn’t know before.

14. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter 

This one’s a double whammy.  Do a good deed while getting to know someone. Walk some dogs, pet some kitties and see the sweet and cuddly side of your date.

15. Make Care Packages for Soldiers 

There is never a wrong time to support our troops, plus this is another way to bond.

16. Meet at the Movies at a Random Time

Show up to the movies at a random time and get tickets to the next movie showing, no matter what it is.

17. Make Your Own Beer

Attend a beer making class together. And drink it. Always drink it.

18. Go See a Local Band

You may witness the next big music star or you may just sit there together and make fun of how terrible the music is.

19. Food Truck Hunt

Track down the food trucks in your city and get a five course meal, one part of your meal from each food truck. It’s like the modern version of hunting and gathering.

20. Pick Fruit

Find an orchard or somewhere nearby there is growing any king of fruit and pick it together. It gets you outside and moving, while working together towards a common goal.

21. Go Fishing

Catch your dinner and cook it. It’s a good reason not to wear shoes and get outdoors.


Image Source: Big Stock