3 Easy DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids

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Jump into your recycle bin and dig out the good stuff. Easy Halloween DIY crafts for kids have never been easier!

3 Easy DIY Halloween Crafts for Kids:

1. Ghostly Milk Jug Luminaries


You’ll need:

milk jugs, rinsed

black construction paper

glue stick or transparent tape


glow sticks



1. Cut the construction paper into spooky eye and mouth shapes, and stick them onto the milk jugs using the glue stick or tape.

2. Fill the jugs with about two inches of water.

3. Pop the glow sticks until they light up and drop them in the water inside the milk jugs.

4. Put the tops on the milk jugs and line your sidewalk or street for a ghostly glow.


2. Toilet Paper Roll Spooky Eyes


You’ll need:

Toilet paper rolls


Glow sticks


1. Cut scary eye shapes into toilet paper rolls.

2. Put lit glow stick into each roll.

3. Place each roll in strategic places around your home and yard to give the illusion of creepy peepers eyeing your Halloween guests.


3. Egg Carton Bats


You’ll need:

egg cartons

black paint



googly eyes




1. Cut egg cartons so that three of the hulls are still attached together (One is the body of the bat and the others on each side are the wings).

2. Paint with black paint, allow to dry

3. Glue on eyes.

4. Poke a hole through the “head” of the bat and push a looped ribbon through it. Tie a knot at the ends of the ribbon on the underside of the bat’s head to create a hanger.

5. Hang around your home for some not-so-scary bat décor.

Image source: BigStock