Guy Fieri Says 3 Words Changed His Life, And They Came From Rachael Ray


In an interview with Delish, Guy Fieri shared that he can attribute his entire career to three words that Rachael Ray once told him. According to Guy, it was the best advice he has ever received in his entire life.

The three words? Never burn tape.

Confusing, right? But once you hear his explanation, it kind of starts to make sense. Guy met Rachael Ray while he was filming “Food Network Star” back in 2006– Rachael was serving as a mentor on the show, and he was competing to be the next big thing in the food industry when she gave him the advice.

Now, Guy says it’s the one piece of advice he passes on to anyone who wants a show of their own– but what does the phrase even mean?

“Keep going. Even when your mic falls off, or the lights go out, or you think nobody’s watching, you don’t give up,” he told Delish. “‘We’ve got a job to do,’ she told me, ‘so you’ve got to stick with it and be involved.'”

So in more literal terms it means that if his show were to tank, he shouldn’t burn the tapes and pretend it didn’t happen.

Pretty wise, Rachael Ray!