31 Signs You Went to a Small High School

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Going to high school is typically a difficult season in anyone’s life, but going to a small high school? It’s definitely a unique experience that no one can understand without actually living it!

31 Signs You Went to a Small High School:

1. You knew the name of every single person you walked past in the hallway. Staff included.

2. You knew the names of the siblings of all the people you walked past in the hallway. Staff included.

3. You knew every teacher’s first name and where they went to church.

4. You knew where all of your teachers lived.

5. The dating pool got very small, very quick.

6. Skipping class was never an option because you were the class.

7. There was a parking spot for everyone in the parking lot for school, but never for football games.

8. Your school had more than one section of shop and home economic classes.

9. There was no school on the opening day of deer season. Seriously.

10. You experienced the real-life version of “Friday Night Lights” firsthand.

11. Your fancy, formal dances took place in un-fancy places like the cafeteria or the Elk’s Lodge.

12. Senior pictures always meant a letter jacket, an FFA jacket or 4-H Club jacket.

13. Every friend group had one lunch table that they sat at all four years of high school.

14. Your Fridays were booked for the entire school year because no one missed football or basketball games.

15. In fact, the entire town attended all the sporting events.

16. Your classmates always knew who you were dating, sometimes even before you knew.

17. You went to school with the same people from kindergarten through your senior year.

18. Bonfires were all you needed for entertainment.

19. You had a guy friend with a dualie. And you actually knew what dualie meant.

20. Hunting safety was a class. At school.

21. You all started driving at 12 and 14. 12 if you lived on a farm, 14 if you didn’t.

22. You heard, “I had your mom or dad in my class.” More than once.

23. The kids who were popular in kindergarten were still the popular kids in high school.

24. There was more than one couple who were already engaged by senior year.

25. At graduation, everyone’s name with all their awards were announced and it was still over in less than 2 hours.

26. Everyone wanted to date the new girl or guy, because, duh. They were new!

27. Sometimes, entertainment was cruising up and down the main drag over and over and over.

28. You can’t count how many times you thought to yourself, “I can’t wait to get out of this place!”

29. Everyone wore the same outfits because there were only one or two places to shop.

30. Football players were worshipped. Literally.

31. But, you can’t imagine having a different high school experience.