This 40-Year-Old Valentine’s Day Tradition Will Soften Even The Most Cynical Hearts

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It seems like Valentine’s Day is going by the wayside. Cynicism has taken over. I hear more people calling it “Singles Awareness Day” today than I hear planning to do something romantic. But love is not dead. If you care to look ordinary places, you can find it. Take for example Ron and Donna Kramer, an elderly couple in Albuquerque who has been celebrating Valentine’s Day over a box of chocolates for forty years. Even though Donna is in an assisted living facility and suffers from dementia, Ron still shows up to do the same, small, ordinary things that make up a lifetime of love.

Ron bought his wife a box of chocolates from a local candy store in 1977. The company said if he brought the box back, they would refill it for a discounted price. He’s refilled it every Valentine’s Day for 39 years, even after his wife was diagnosed with dementia.

“She’s going to forget,” he told a local news reporter. “She’s going to forget who I am. So you enjoy every minute you have with them while they still remember.”

To the Kramers, romance isn’t proposals on castle walls, it’s not a “surreal” trip, it’s faithfulness for the long haul. That’s worth celebrating even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day.

Excuse me, I have some feelings to deal with.