This Red White And Blue Star Tart Will Make You A Hero

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So you’ve got a last minute 4th of July party but nothing to bring to it. Pies are overdone, cakes too sweet, and everyone’s already bringing something for the BBQ part of the potluck. What’s a party guest to do? Make this lightly sweet, delicious, and somewhat nutritious tart, of course.

With a star in the middle and red, white, and blue colors featured in this light dessert, you can hardly go wrong with this patriotic tart. This is a perfectly refreshing summer treat to end a 4th of July cookout, and it’s healthy to boot (for a dessert, anyway).

If you’ve got little ones, this tart is a super fun way to involve them in the cooking process, as there’s very little cooking involved. Unleash your inner artist and design your perfect Independence Day tart.