8 Budget Friendly Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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Whether you’re preparing to sell or just looking to give your house a nice facelift, budget can always been a problem. Here are a few budget friendly tips to update your home.

1. Paint Your Front Door

The most obvious (and impactful) update you can do is spruce up your front door. You can choose to give it a pop of color or just revamp what you already have. It’s really not that tough to do either. Check out this tutorial from DiY Network.

2. Add Board and Batten Shutters

No one really uses shutters anymore, but they can really make your house pop. If your home is devoid of faux shutters or if the ones on your home have seen better days, rustic board and batten shutters can be a nice addition. This Old House has compiled a tutorial for you to make your own.

3. Liven Up Your Brick

If you have an older brick home, you may have noticed that there are stains or discolorations on the brick. You have to options to give the brick new life. You can either paint it — which is becoming a popular trend — or you can stain it, a choice that lets you enhance the natural texture of the brick rather than conceal it. Bob Villa’s website has tutorials for both here.

4. Add Plants to the Entry

Flowers are the best way to brighten any home — inside or out — and they’re one of the simplest things you can do. Adding flowers to a pot and setting them by the front door can really warm up a home. Planting them on either side of the door or porch is also a good way to brighten up the entry.

5. Buy a New Welcome Mat

When is the last time you bought a new welcome mat? They’re good for wiping your feet, so they get scummy pretty quickly. Even if they aren’t dirty, a faded or worn welcome mat reflects poorly on the entire home.

6. Plant a Tree

A tree is a long term commitment, but so is buying a home. A tree is a plus, any way you look at it. It can even be a nice incentive for future buyers, who will reap its benefits. Choose a tree depending your specific needs. If you’re looking for privacy or blocking something from view, evergreens are a good bet. Then again, fruit trees can be fun (and help the grocery bill).

7. Pressure Wash the Exterior

You wash every day, so your house should wash at least once a decade, right? A pressure wash is a good way to get any gunk that’s been living on your siding (maybe even discoloring it) off. It also does wonders for your windows, which need a good spray from time to time.

8. Update Lighting Fixtures

Front porch lights can add a little something. Whether your want to spray paint over cheap looking metal or buy a new fixture all together, a light of your choice not only looks good, but makes people feel safer at night.