5 Country Chic Home Decor Brands You Need to Know

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At Country Outfitter, you can find a variety of goods for your everyday country needs.  We want to be able to offer our fans everything from apparel to home decor.  We know that the best home decor for us country folk comes from other country folk. So Country Outfitter has searched far and wide for brands that best represent you.

These 5 brands are small, family owned, southern businesses that are sure to take your home to the next level of country chic. Each of these brands has such a neat story behind them, and we are so excited to share them with you guys and give you access to brands that you may have otherwise not been able to get.

Here are our 10 favorite products from these awesome brands:

Rustic and Country

I live in a very rural mountain area off grid on a ranch with horses and dogs. I started going more country with my designing and wanted to work horses into the whole art process, and thus I came up with a rustic and country concept for my items. I believe in a brand that is very personal and takes pride in its work. I want everything I make to be one of a kind and unique, items that I like and would actually use myself.

Horse Shoe Lamp.

Horse Shoe Star Decor. 

Mid-West Made LLC

Growing up on a farm gave me a deep appreciation for the country life. It helped install a sense of pride, hard work, and quality of work in me. These qualities have helped me to make products that are quality made. Everything is made by me in my small shop in rural Iowa. The products are hand crafted with an attention to detail.The products are made out of heavy gauge steel. No flimsy tin products made in my shop.

Tractor Key Chain Holder.

Deer Slayer Sign.

Farmhouse Creations:

On a blustery day in January, in a freezing cold pole barn, I decided I wanted to make a table. I never thought that little table would have such a profound impact on my life. During the process of making that table, Farmhouse Creations was born. From the very first time I used those woodworking tools and paintbrushes, I knew I had found “something”.

Candle Sconce Kit. 

Photo Hanging Shelf.

Perrodin Supply Co. :

We are Jonathan and Amber Perrodin, a small-town couple who have deep roots in our beloved hometown, Springdale, Arkansas. We work out of The Hatchery with it’s industrial charm where our two daughters, Raine and Ezmah can often be found right alongside us.

“Whiskey Me Away” Original Block Print.

Gold Glitter Gift Tags. 

“Home” Wall Mount.

Eleven Point Candles:

The River has run through the lives of two generations, from the lives of our family who founded our fragrance merchant business to ours today. For all of us, the River is a refuge, a place to reconnect with family and friends and the natural beauty of the world we sometimes take for granted. It shapes our lives and the line of home fragrance products we’ve named Eleven Point, our homage to the River and all it has given us over the years.

Candles, Wicks, and Fragrance Oil.

Eleven Point Candles offers decorative tin candles, black and white candles, wicks, and fragrance oils in a variety of scents. All of these scents remind us of home and include bon fire, cotton creek, honeysuckle rain, blackberry, river fern, and coconut moon.