5 Clever Egg Tricks Everyone Ought To Know


Eggs are one of the longest-standing food items that humans have been eating for decades. Next time you’re breaking out some eggs for a recipe, be sure to check these tips and tricks for making sure they are fresh and at their best!

5 Clever Egg Tricks Everyone Ought To Know:

  1. If an egg floats in water, it’s gone bad. If it sinks, it’s still good!
  2. If you can’t remember which eggs you’ve hard boiled and which ones are raw, try to spin the egg on a table and watch– raw eggs will wobble while hard-boiled eggs will spin around like a top.
  3. When hard-boiling eggs, try to use eggs that aren’t brand new or fresh– older eggs will peel easier!
  4. Use your hands to separate egg yolks from their whites, allowing your fingers to act as the strainer– it’s the easiest way to get the job done, and the cheapest tool you’ll ever have!
  5. Egg whites freeze well, so stick any leftover or unused egg whites in the freezer to use at another time!