5 Fabulous Bridesmaids Gifts from Country Outfitter


Way before the wedding bells ring, birds sing, and you become queen for a day, there is a lot of planning that goes into a wedding. Weddings have traditions, and we all know that Southern girls live for traditions. A Southern girl would rather spend time locked up in a New Jersey jail cell with Snookie and company, than to forget about any wedding custom. One such wedding tradition is the giving of bridesmaid gifts. Thanks to the wonderful worldwide web, the sky is the limit when searching for thoughtful, special gifts that will make your celebration even more meaningful to your wedding posse. So with that in mind, this bride has been on the lookout for the perfect bridesmaid gifts. Now, how do I pick just one? Decisions, decisions, decisions…HELP!

Montana Silversmiths have made the most beautiful necklace. It is a Montana heart necklace with beads. The necklace is light and airy and would look lovely around the necks of all the gentle ladies that will stand with me on my wedding day.

Okay, I am moving into a whole other direction. Ricochet Rounds offers the most awesome women’s bullet and post earrings and necklaces. Any country girl would wear them with pride. Added bonus, not too many people are foolish enough to mess with a gal that has earrings and necklaces made from actual bullets!

Now, if you love turquoise and gold, (and who doesn’t) Geranium has the most adorable two-piece gold bangle bracelet with turquoise beads carefully weaved within the bracelets. These bangle bracelets are timeless, and your bridesmaids will enjoy them for a very, very long time. I‘m talking after you’ve passed on and now they’re your granddaughter’s long.

If “Monday’s child is full of grace,” then ALL Southern girls should be born on Monday. Why? Well, grace is a characteristic that all Southern belles should possess. Jewelry Junkie agrees because they have made the most adorable narrow buckle bracelet with a stamp plate that has Grace written on it. I love this bracelet.

Lastly, I found a necklace by Dixieland Charms that all country girls would be proud to wear. The word written on the charm is as synonymous to the South as cheesesteak is to Philadelphia, “howdy” is to cowboys, the Eiffel Tower is to Paris, or beef brisket is to Texas barbecues, and that is Y’ALL. When a girl has that around her neck, there will be no doubt that she is from the South.

For me, the easy part is over; I have carefully selected five gifts that I would proudly give the ladies who will stand beside me when I marry. So, now comes the hard part, I have to decide which one of them to choose. All these gift picks are as perfect as my groom. It only took me thirty-eight years to find him! Since the wedding is in September, I better just rely on a highly scientific method- the ole, pull- one- out- of- the- hat, method.