5 Fancy Lemonade Cocktails

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Lemonade is the best summer drink, hands down. But did you know it could be even better? By adding a little bit of libations, you can turn even the plainest of lemonades into something that would run you $12 at the fanciest lemonade stand. Here are 5 fancy lemonade cocktails to last you through this summer and beyond! 

My lemonade of choice is OF COURSE, Huberts. But if you don’t have the wallet for a $2 bottle of lemonade, (and I sure don’t) you can go with Simply Lemonade for these recipes. Or you can go old school and juice the lemons yourself. Just add the correct amount of sugar or stevia or agave nectar, and you’re set. But for time’s sake, let’s just say you have a base of pre-made lemonade.

Spicy Lemonade


8 oz lemonade

2 oz vodka

½ a jalapeno pepper

Dash of cayenne pepper


Muddle jalapeno pepper (with the seeds removed) in the bottom of your glass. Remove pepper so just juice remains. Stir in cayenne pepper. Add vodka and lemonade, stir, then pour into another glass filled with ice. Serves 1.

Blueberry Lemonade


8 oz lemonade

2 oz blueberry vodka

Club soda


A lemony take on a blueberry press. Combine lemonade, blueberry vodka and stir. Top with club soda. Serves 1.

Cucumber Lemonade


8 oz lemonade

2 oz cucumber vodka

½ cucumber, cut into slices

fresh lime juice

mint garnish


Muddle cucumber slices in the bottom of your glass. Remove cucumber if you desire. I like to leave it in there for an extra cucumber taste. Pour in vodka (you can use regular if you don’t have cucumber flavor), lemonade, and fresh lime juice. Stir well, and garnish with mint. Serves 1.

Lavender Gin Lemonade


8oz lemonade

2 oz gin

1 oz lavender simple syrup


To make lavender simple syrup, mix one cup of sugar with once cup of water. Let boil for about 6 minutes, then add fresh lavender. Let simmer for about 30 minutes, then pour into glass jar and let cool. To make the cocktail: combine all ingredients over ice. Serves 1.

Boozy Arnold Palmer


6 oz lemonade

2 oz sweet tea vodka

2 oz regular un-sweet tea

lemon slices


Pour sweet tea vodka over ice. Then add the regular un-sweet tea. Pour lemonade over. Stir if you wish, garnish with a lemon slice. Serves 1.

Photo Credit: Big Stock