5 Common Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making Every Single Day


My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. Sure, now I take care of it and make a conscious effort to keep it strong and healthy, but over the years I’ve caused it lots of damage from late night box dyeing with friends and overusing heating tools.

There are actually lots of little things you’re doing every day that might be causing damage to your hair and keeping it from being able to grow properly. Luckily they’re all easily fixable once you’re aware. Knowledge is power!

5 Common Hair Mistakes You’re Probably Making Every Single Day:

1. Brushing When Wet

Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but hear me out. When you brush your hair vigorously to get out knots while your hair is wet, you run the risk of stretching and breaking your hair fibers. Instead, run your fingers through your hair after you condition, and gently dry your hair with your towel, then use a comb to get any remaining tangles out.

2. Washing Daily

This one’s a struggle for me because my hair is fine and gets oily fast, but washing your hair every day strips it of its natural oils that help keep your hair healthy. Find a good dry shampoo and a texturizing spray to help you go longer between washes instead, and never underestimate the power of a good ball cap.

3. Too Much Conditioner

While we’re on the subject of hair washing, a lot of people are actually using way more conditioner than they actually need. In fact, if your hair tends to get oily fast, it could be because you’re using too much conditioner on your scalp. Start with a small amount of conditioner and work it from the ends of your hair up to your scalp so your tips get the most moisture.

4. Daily Blow Drying

Most of us don’t have time to let our hair air dry every time we shower, but using a blow dryer every single day causes split ends, brittle hair and worst of all, breakage. If you can, try to let your hair air dry as much as possible. If you’re in a hurry, use your blow dryer on its cooler setting.

5. Taking Hot Showers

I love a long, hot shower as much as the next girl, but putting hot water on your hair damages it by taking out those natural oils. If you’re brave enough, try rinsing your hair with cold water and see if you notice a difference in your hair’s health!