5 Love Potions for Valentine’s Day

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So, here we are. You thought you had escaped the holidays, but Valentine’s Day has snuck up upon us unexpectedly and now we are forced to eat a ton of Red Velvet Oreos and go to a screening of “50 Shades of Grey” after we’ve drank a bottle of white wine. No? Just me? Ok, then.

It doesn’t matter if you are fixing these drinks for a special occasion or maybe a romantic night in front of the TV, they are sure to get you in the holiday spirit to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day (or brood because you haven’t had a boyfriend since 2007).

Here are 5 perfect cocktails for Valentine’s Day:

St Valentine’s Cocktail


1 oz Nuvo

2 oz White Cranberry Juice

2 oz Vodka (any type – vanilla flavored might be nice here)


In a cocktail shaker, shake the white cranberry juice and vodka until it is chilled over ice. Pour into a chilled martini glass and top with Nuvo (trust me on this one). You’ll have a light pink martini that even St. Valentine would die for.

Love Potion № 9


2 oz Grapefruit Juice

2 oz Good Gin

1 oz Tonic Water

Pink Sugar to rim the glass – or salt if you’re feeling frisky


First, carefully line your lowball glass with water or lemon juice, and dip in the pink sugar or salt. Add ice to the glass. Over the ice, pour the grapefruit juice, gin, and tonic water and give it a good stir.

The Single Girl


½ oz Vodka

½ oz Whiskey

½ oz Tequila

½ oz White Rum

1 oz Blue Curacao

Splash of diet coke

Splash of sweet and sour

Can of redbull on the side

Your tears


This one is for the truly desperate. Mix all alcoholic ingredients over ice, and stir. Add the splash of coke and sweet and sour and maybe a lemon on the side. The drink should have a blue hue, and might even be too strong without the sips of Red Bull in between.

The Kinky Shirley


2 oz Cherry Vodka

3 oz Sprite

Splash of grenadine


A new twist on an old favorite. You can change up the flavors, but why fix something if it isn’t broken?

Strawberry Wine Cocktail



3 oz of Strawberry Flavored Wine

2 oz Vodka

Splash of Sprite or Sierra Mist

Pomegranate Seeds


A tribute to the Deana Carter song that we all know and love and regretfully watch people sing during karaoke. In a large wine glass place a few ice cubes, or frozen pomegranate seeds. Pour your wine and vodka into the glass and top with Sprite or Tonic water. Enjoy!


Image Source: BigStock