5 Must-Have Malibu Drink Recipes for Summer

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It’s nearly time to break out the swimsuits, flip flops and sunblock – summertime is right around the corner! So, while you’re out looking for that itty bitty bikini, don’t forget to pick up a bottle of Malibu Rum. Whether you’re on the lake, by the pool or watching the kids run through the sprinkler – nothing makes you feel more tropical than sipping on some refreshing, fruity Malibu mixed drinks.

Orange Blast

Mix 1 part Malibu Orange Float, 2 parts Orange or Cream Soda and garnish with an orange wedge. This smooth concoction will have you dreaming of Dreamsicles and citrus all day long. You just can’t have enough orange! But…really – aren’t you glad we didn’t say banana?

Red Tropical Margarita

Mix 1 part Malibu Red, ½ part Lime Juice, ½ part Agave Syrup, 1 part Pomegranate Juice and crushed ice. If tequila isn’t your scene, then this is your perfect substitute! Sweeten up this delicious drink with a sugared rim and sip until you see palm trees.

A Classic Twist – Black & Coke

Mix 1 part Malibu Black, 2 parts Coca-Cola and garnish with a lime. Skip the Jack & Coke for something that says, “I’m on island time.” This classic beaut will cool you down during a hot day on the lake or maybe even warm you up on a cool night listening to the waves.

Spiced Tonic

Mix 2 parts Malibu Island Spiced, 3 parts tonic water and top with some orange zest. If sweet isn’t your thing and you’re not a fan of puckering up for something sour – get ready to sip on this. Pinky out because the Spiced Tonic is one fancy way to pre-game. Nowhere near bland and everywhere near Taste City, this drink is one to remember…or not.

The Ultimate Classic – Pina Colada

Mix 1 part Malibu Pineapple, 1 ½ parts Pineapple Juice, ½ part Coconut Cream and 1 cup of ice. Your blender and taste buds will worship the ground you walk on with this frosted dream. What do you feel like garnishing with today: pineapple? Cherry? Banana? This isn’t Burger King, but you can have it your way with the crème de le crème of frozen beverages.