5 Reasons This Guy Makes Building a House Out Of Clay Look Super Easy


If the world goes post-apocalypse and I’m still alive, I’m finding this guy to help me.

In the most incredible way, this man builds a house in the woods out of nothing but his bare hands and what’s around him. He’s the ultimate man’s man.

But the coolest thing about this video isn’t the fact that he’s made the house, it’s that he makes it look so easy. If I ever need to build a house, I’m calling this guy. Maybe he can build a front porch to go with it.

By remembering five key things, this guy makes building a house look like a walk in the park (even though we know it’s not).

5 Reasons This Guy Makes Building a House Out Of Clay Look Super Easy:

1. He’s doing this whole thing shirtless and shoeless.

Like he’s walking around in the woods with no shoes. Seriously, I can’t imagine how that’s messed him up. Think of all the things that he’s walked over.

2. He’s incredibly efficient.

He’s multitasking the entire time.

3. He’s making all of this out of the materials he finds around him.

This is the best part. He’s using rocks as hammers and using mud and clay that he finds in the ground on site.

4. He’s thought this whole thing out very carefully.

If I were doing this, there’s a million things that I’d forget to do like adding a roof. Meanwhile, this dude is building heat sources under the house and light sources in the house.

5. He takes something complex and makes it look very easy.

Most people think that building a house is really hard because of everything that goes into it. But, this guy just shatters that idea with this video. I think if I followed his steps, I could probably build the same thing, minus the shoeless part.

Then, if that wasn’t cool enough, he added a chimney, fireplace and pots for cooking in a follow-up video.