5 Southern Summer Cocktails


Summertime in the South! Kick up your feet and enjoy some of our favorite Southern summer cocktails! Here are our five favorites:

Oklahoma Lemonade

For those hot summer days! The lemon and lime replace the typical sour mix. It’s a healthier alternative, but if you’d like to use pre-made sour mix, that would be okay too!


Juice of (1) lemon

Juice of (2) limes

1 ½ oz Jack Daniels

¾ oz peach schnapps

Splash of Fresca


Juice the lemon and lime together in a small bowl. Pour over ice in a mason jar. Add whiskey and peach schnapps (PLEASE do not overdo it on the peach schnapps. It ruins the whole drink. Which is somewhat obvious but I digress). Stir, and then top with Fresca (the secret ingredient!). Garnish with fresh peach or lemon slice and mint. Serves 1.

Eve’s Garden

I’ve seen variations of this drink at several specialty cocktail places around the South. Here’s the Country Outfitter version. The jalapeño mixed with the basil and mint and cucumber is extremely refreshing. Serves 1.



¼ of a cucumber, sliced thinly




Club Soda


This drink requires a cocktail shaker. Take all of your “garden” ingredients, and muddle them together at the bottom of your cocktail shaker. If you don’t have a muddler, the back of your spoon will work just fine. Just mash down all the ingredients so you can get some of the flavor out of them. Add 2oz of gin, and ice, and shake very well. Like, shake for 2 minutes if you have to. Then strain, and add club soda to the top.

Beer Limeade

 This is officially the drink of summer. I’ve been drinking a mixture of this for years, and there’s nothing like some back porch sittin’ while sippin’ this concoction. Serves 4-6.



1 can frozen limeade

4 domestic beers (Coors Light works fine here)


Grab 1 pitcher. Pour the can of frozen limeade into it. Fill up the empty can with vodka, and then add 4 of the beers (more or less to your liking). Make sure to pour the beer down the side of the pitcher so it doesn’t foam (like bartenders do in the movies!) and stir slowly. Pour over ice, and enjoy.

Bay Breeze

This is a twist on the classic Cape Cod. This is a drink for people that like a sweeter cocktail.


3 oz. cranberry juice

1 oz pineapple juice

1.5 oz vodka


Pour vodka over ice and then add the cranberry juice and pineapple juice. Stir well and serve immediately! You may want to add a slice a lime, but that is totally optional.

Mambo Margaritas

I’ve never had someone turn down these margaritas. Passed down from a very Catholic co-worker, these will knock you down if you let them. Drink with caution! Serves 4-6.


1 750 mL bottle of tequila

1 can of frozen limeade

1 bottle of Corona

2 liter Diet 7UP


Combine all ingredients in a pitcher or drink dispenser. Serve over ice.

Image Sources: BigStock