5 Types of Dateable Country Boys

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There’s nothing like dating a good ole country boy who has been raised right and knows how to treat a lady. Some of our favorite men of country music like Tyler Hubbard, Dierks Bentley, and Brett Eldredge are prime examples of the ideal country boy every girl wants, and proof that there are many different versions of the classic country boy. From the classy Thomas Rhett to the rough and tough Brantley Gilbert, you’ve got to know the different types of country boys out there so you can pick the one best for you.

5 Types of Dateable Country Boys:

1. The Redneck Romeo

If you like the classic small town country boy with a thick southern accent, you are a fan of Redneck Romeos like Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton. They are the traditional country boys that drive a truck, wears button-down plaid shirts and camo. This type of country boy will bring the adventure out of you. He will take you fishing, sit under the stars and play you a tune, throw back a few beers with you and give you the first kiss on the back of a tailgate. He is not exactly the prince charming with all the right pick up lines, but when he says something from his heart you can be sure he means it.

2. The Uptown Country Boy

If you’re into a dapper country dude, with a little bit of an urban flare; Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett and Brett Eldredge are your kind of men. The Uptown Country boy embraces the city style. He is the type to wear a suit and tie with his boots or pair them with a tight v-neck t-shirt, skinny jeans and a fitted cap. You’ve got the best of both worlds with this kind of guy. He will wine and dine you and then take you muddin’ on a 4-wheeler all in the same date. When it comes to courting, expect to be swooned by this country boy. He is the ultimate charmer and will know the right words to say to make you weak in the knees.

3. The Tenacious Tough Guy

This is the manly man of the country boys, the Eric Church and Brantley Gilbert type. He is the kind that wears cut off shirts, black leather and confidence like no other. He has a strong presence and he’s a little rough around the edges. He is the kind of country boy that loves to be a leader and protect his woman. He also likes a good challenge and isn’t afraid to fight. If something comes easy, the Tenacious Tough Guy doesn’t want it. This type of country boy will tell it like it is without any sugar coating, and they need a strong girl who will do the same.

4. The Sweet Country Boy

The Sweet Country Boy is your Cole Swindell and Dierks Bentley type. They are the kind that keep chivalry alive. The kind that is a hopeless romantic with all the traditional values of a Southern gentlemen. The Sweet Country Boy will bring you fresh picked flowers, kiss you on the forehead and never forget to open your door. He combs his hair to the side, rocks a baseball cap and keeps the sleeves rolled up of his button-down shirt.

5. The Rowdy Rural Boys

This is your irresistible bad boy that loves drinking, a wild party and taking risks. But, he also has a hidden soft side. Florida Georgia Line members, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, are the perfect examples of The Rowdy Rural type. These kind of boys have a country style with a hard rock vibe, slicked back hair and tattoos. But, despite this hard outer shell, there is a tamed, romantic side to the wild country boy. Hubbard proved this with his recent marriage. Not only did Hubbard plan his all-white wedding, but he told People he teared up when he saw his bride-to-be during the ceremony. This is the kind of country boy full of loyalty and unexpected surprises that will sweep you off your feet.

Image Source: PR Photos, CMA, BigStock