6 Bills You’re Tired of Paying

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Show of hands, who thought this adulting thing was going to be easier? I for one didn’t think it was going to be this expensive. An old boss of mine used to tell the joke, “They sent the bill and I paid it, but they keep sending it.” And he’s right. There are some bills that we just hate to pay.

6 Bills You’re Tired of Paying :

1. Cable

Typing these next few sentences is destined to get me blacklisted by my service provider, but I hate paying for Cable and Internet. First of all, I’m sure that my $100 a month is way above the value of what I’m getting. But the real kicker is how difficult it is to work with my cable provider. Every time I call I get transferred departments, told conflicting information or hung up on. It’s a hassle and a bill I would love to ditch.

2. Student Loans

When I was 18, I was told that student loans were necessary. I was told that they were ‘good’ debt to have. I was lied to. Student loans — depending on their size — can be crippling. Not to mention, their payment schedules aren’t normally reflective of the income to which they led you.

3. Home Phone

I have a home phone for one reason: to find my cell phone when it’s fallen between the cushions on my couch. While the payment is small — or bundled into your cable plan — home phones are a dying breed. I, personally, hate having to pay for two phones.

4. Gym Membership

At last count, my gym membership was $50 a month. I’m sure that it’s a fair price for the facilities and all but it’s just something I hate to pay. Working out is torture, so paying to be tortured isn’t all that appealing.

5. Service Fees

My bank periodically throws in random service fees. I got one for using a the teller at a location. Apparently, had I used the ATM, I wouldn’t have been charged. Random fees that come with strange rules are confusing and frustrating. And I just don’t want to pay ’em.

6. Car Maintenance

You need to take care of your car, obviously. However, every time I get my car back, I find some sort of issue with the bill. It’s never straight forward and it always feels like they’re throwing in some fee or charge that they’ve made up.