6 DIY Projects for People Who Lose Everything


I don’t know about you, but losing stuff seems to be a way of life for me. Whether it’s my keys when I’m trying to leave the house, my remote when I’m trying to watch TV or bobby pins when I’m trying to do my hair, nothing is ever in the place I put it… Or at least where I thought I put it.

Thankfully, with these cheap, easy DIY organization solutions, I’ll (and you’ll) spend more time doing things and less time looking for things.

6 DIY Projects for People Who Lose Everything:

1. The Pom Pom Pen

If you can’t keep track of your pens, a simply glue an accessory like a pom pom to the non-inked end.


2. Or The Flower Pen

If your up for a little big challenge, try making a flower pen.

생에 첫 이벤트 당첨?✨ 이쁘고 향기도 좋은 플라워 펜 #viakstudio#viak#flowerpen

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3. Key Hook

Because we’re literally all guilty of losing our keys. Hang something like this on the wall by the door — problem solved.

Driftwood DIY in under 10 minutes. #DIY #apartmenttherapy #keyhook #driftwood #pacificnorthwest

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4. Remote Holder

Most of us have more than one remote and most of the time, at least one of those has disappeared without a trace.


5. Jewelry Dish

Everyone has a spare saucer or small plate in their kitchen. Repurpose it as a jewelry dish and make jewelry organization a breeze.


6. Bobby Pin Holder

Have a spare pill, Tic Tac or paint bottle lying around? Spruce it up and turn it into a handy bobby pin holder to carry in your purse or keep in the bathroom.


Image Source: Instagram