6 Essentials for the Perfect Dining Room

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The other day I was in the fabric store and I heard Christmas music. What?! You can’t just skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving like that. I was partly horrified and partly excited for the upcoming holiday season. One of my favorite things about the fall/winter season are the fun parties you get to attend and maybe even host.

I recently moved into a house quite a bit larger than the one I was in before. It has a full kitchen along with a breakfast nook and large dining room. Lots of homes in the Country have large dining rooms for entertaining. We’re working on furnishing ours – and here’s our wish list! Which items are you missing from your dining room?

1.  Room Table

Well, duh. But is it the perfect dining room table? You can go a lot of directions here. The combination of the table and the chairs is very important. Do you want it to look modern or cozy, or a little bit of both? Try to get a table long enough to comfortably fit 6 chairs, and you should be golden. An essential piece in the dining room!

2. Bar Cart

If you’ve been on Pinterest lately, you’ve probably seen the tons of different styling for bar carts. This is a cute way to incorporate a home bar into your dining room. You can find bar carts a lot of places, whether you want to buy new or vintage. You can also DIY your own, by using a bookshelf or transforming a bedside table. Make sure to add an ice bucket and straws for the finishing touch – and a bottle of bourbon!

3. Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are so important to making a home feel warm and cozy. You don’t have to spend a lot, and your local grocery store probably has a great selection of “mini” bouquets that you can use to create your perfect arrangement. A tip: to keep the flowers looking fresh a couple of days longer, remember to cut the stems diagonally and add a bit of sugar to the water you are keeping them in. I’m sure if you check out your local flower shop, there will be tons of beautiful, seasonal fall flowers!

4. Buffet Table

A buffet table is essentials to take your party-hosting skills to the next level. There, you can add extra decorations, food, plates and cups, and more. You can purchase a buffet new, or you can use a long skinny table or tall dresser. There are tons of options out there, but make sure it coordinates with your dining room table!

5. Perfect Place Settings

Place settings are extremely important! If you’re hosting a large party, you might want to go with disposables, but if you are hosting a small get together you may want to invest in some things that you can re-use. This may scare you, but I suggest hitting up the Dollar Store for wine glasses and plates. They have a nice selection at a nice price ($1!), but I’d build some time into your day for the 80-year-old checker to wrap every single piece individually.

6. Personal Flair

This one is important, because when you’re enjoying a family dinner, you want it to feel like home and not a formal dining room at a hotel or something! Find a piece that’s really personal to you and your family to add the perfect finishing touch to the space.

Those are the things you need for a perfect dining room! Check out our Eat & Listen posts for food suggestions!

Image Source: BigStock