6 Things I Learned About People and Life From Online Dating


Dating is terrible. If you met your spouse in high school or college, it is likely you don’t even know what dating is truly like. In recent years with social media and the like, it’s even worse– you can find out everything about the person you’re attempting to date with just a few clicks and when you’re done dating, you can track their every move. And that’s just one piece of the terrible pie.

Online dating, in theory, is just like dating, but you meet the other person somewhere other than a bar or church. You meet the other person deep, deep inside the world’s scariest place– the Internet.

Online dating can teach a person so much about life, other people and themselves.

6 Things I Learned About People and Life From Online Dating:

1. People are liars. 

I mean that in the nicest way. But, if someone puts on their online dating profile that they go to church and have a job, but show up to the date and tell you they don’t go to church or have a job– that’s a lie. Lies typically range from little white lies like where they have been on vacation to really scary stuff like if they’ve ever spent time in prison or not.

2. People don’t how to take pictures. 

I’m not a professional photographer, but I’ve taken a couple of photography classes and more than one design class. You don’t need either of those classes to not post a bathroom mirror selfie as your profile pic. People who take and post bathroom mirror selfies are a different kind of people. If you’re doing the online dating thing, you’ve probably told a support friend or two, ask them to take a photo of you!

3. Even online, people are wimps. 

I’ve been in more than one situation where messages have been exchanged, connections are being made and there’s still no date or no moving to the next step. If you’re online dating, why aren’t you trying to date anyone?

4. I judge books by their covers. 

I don’t respond to people who take bathroom mirror selfies, who post multiple photos with other girls or people who have lots of spelling errors in their profiles. I could probably tone that down a little.

Real description, from a real match:

“good happy friend sweet and nice person I am good man”

5. People don’t know what they want. 

Myself included. However, I signed up for online dating because I wanted to date someone and maybe get married. If that’s not your end goal, why are you messing around with people’s feelings and emotions? If you’re not ready to date, don’t sign up for online dating. If you think only want to date blondes that live 150 miles away from you, then limit your profile settings!

6. There’s no easy way to meet someone. 

I have friends that have been married for like, decades now. They’re on their third or fourth child and I’m just trying to get a guy to buy me a second dinner. Honestly, I originally signed up for online dating because I thought there would be more fish in the sea– false. There’s no easy way to find the love of your life. Online dating is not a quick-fix solution to find your soulmate.

And remember, always say “yes,” but don’t ever let someone know where you live until you have met them several times. It’s a scary world out there.

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