6 Things You Should Not Even Think About Giving Your Mom on Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is fast approaching and the Internet is abuzz with ideas for gifts for the special mother in your life. If we’re being totally honest, some of the ideas are bad and will lead to trouble. Last year, my bank told me to send money to my mother for Mother’s Day. Not in a card, but like, via the Internet. This is a terrible idea.

And there are more terrible ideas where that one came from.

1. Cash
I’m speaking from personal experience on this one– don’t give your mom cash as a gift. On any holiday, ever. Unless your mom is an 8-year-old saving up to buy a PlayStation, this will end poorly for you.



2. New Phone or Tablet
If you don’t live at home with mom, don’t give the gift of technology this year. Why? Because you will spend a lot of time explaining the new piece of equipment to mom over the phone and you’ll probably get in a fight. Don’t buy her a printer either. That thing will never work if you aren’t standing over her shoulder.



3. Handmade Item
If you are an adult, do not make a homemade gift for your mother. Unless you’re some out-of-this-world woodworking expert or something, save the crafts for someone else. Mom has been getting your homemade leftovers for way too long now. Just drop some cash and buy something someone else made.

4. Underwear
I don’t know what kind of relationship you have with your mom, but this is a no-go on all levels. And I saw the idea listed on more than one site. It was under the header “unconventional,” but still– no.

5. A Puppy
Yes, a puppy is a great gift in theory, but mom needs to know a gift like that is coming. If someone gifted me a puppy, I’d be very upset. So, unless you’re prepared to gift puppy food, puppy leashes, puppy training classes, and puppy babysitting too, this is a big no way.



6. DNA Kit
Again, this was on an actual site as a good idea. A better idea? Maybe a subscription to one of those genealogy websites or a visit with a family historian. Mother’s Day and Maury Povich do not mix.

If all else fails, take mom out for a nice meal, tell her you love her and don’t even mention the fact that you thought underwear would’ve been a nice gift this year.