7 Clever Ways to Use Coffee Grounds Around the House


Coffee is a big part of life around our house. It seems none of us can get our motors running without it. But apparently, that’s not the only thing coffee is good for. In fact, it pretty much ranks up there with baking soda in terms of usefulness around the house.

The best part is, you can use fresh grounds or used which is great news for us avid coffee drinkers.

7 Clever Ways to Use Coffee Grounds Around the House:

1. Use them to clean your fireplace.

This is such a cool trick. Sprinkle some of the still-wet grounds on top of the ashes. The added bulk and moisture helps keep the teeny dust particles from creating a cloud of ashes making clean up a snap.

2. They help get rid of freezer odors.

You know that odd, stale odor the freezer sometimes emits? Coffee grounds are the solution. Put grounds in a clean plastic container, poke a few holes in the top and let them go to work.

3. Use them to help your garden thrive.

Not only are used coffee grounds full of nutrients that help your garden grow, they also keep the bugs away. Can’t beat that.

4. They are great pot scrubbers.

The texture will help remove the gunk on your cookware. All it takes is a handful of grounds and a little elbow grease.

5. Use them to remove odors from your tennis shoes. 

Sweat buildup is an odor that is hard to control, however, coffee grounds can do the job. Pour some into a thin sock, knot the end and leave in the shoes overnight. It’s like magic.

6. Use grounds as a cat repellent. 

We know you love your cat but not when they get in your flower beds and mess up your award-winning roses. Sprinkle used grounds on top of the soil and cats won’t near the stuff.

7. Use them in a multi-purpose soap. 

Add coffee grounds to homemade soap. Not only will they absorb odors, they will exfoliate and act as a scrubber to remove tough grime. Grounds also absorb oils making them an excellent degreaser. Who doesn’t want an all-natural, all around tough-as-nails soap?

How do you use coffee grounds?

Image Source: Big Stock