7 Items That Will Make Your Next Impromptu Party Great


If you have teenaged children, or a husband who acts as the family Social Chair, you never know when your home is going to be volunteered as the party place.

Sometimes, you’ll be given upwards of 30 minutes warning, but that’s only on a good day. Other times, you will only realize that you’re hosting a party when your doorbell rings and people are waiting to come in. And there’s nothing worse than showing up to someone’s home when the hostess is clearly stressed out about your presence — but, you can avoid being that kind of hostess.

To alleviate that stress it is crucial that you have a hospitality impromptu party survival kit on hand at all times. These seven simple items are fool-proof and will help you throw together a party without a moment’s notice.

7 Items That Will Make Your Next Impromptu Party Great:

1. Paper Plates, Cups and Napkins

Yes, you could use your everyday kitchen ware, but paper plates, cups, and napkins make it appear that you are prepared and ready to host a shindig. When on display, these also give the illusion that you were anticipating the gathering.

2. Crystal Light Tea Mix

You will not always have time to run out and buy beverages before guests arrive. This quick powder mix can be whipped up in less than a minute and tastes delicious. Serve it in a cute pitcher, throw in some frozen peaches if you’ve got them, and call it a day.

3. Brownie or Cookie Mix

It’s completely acceptable to have the aromas of baked goods filling your home as guests arrive. They won’t mind waiting for warm goodies, either.

Tip: get the bagged cookie mix instead of cookie dough because it can sit on the shelf forever.

4. Popcorn

People will need something to snack on while they wait for the baked goods to come out, and popcorn is quick and easy. It can sit for ages on your shelf without going bad and a little popcorn goes a long way.

5. Chips and Salsa

Likewise, chips and salsa make a great presentation and can sit on the shelf forever. Velveeta also has a good shelf life and there are countless cheese dip recipes you can whip up.

Tip: consider investing in a cute chip and dip platter for a pretty presentation for these events.

6. A Good Game

It is always smart to have a few games up your sleeve for guests to play while they are at your place. Maybe it’s a card game like Spoons, or a classic board game, or maybe it’s a more interactive game like Fishbowl or Telephone Pictionary. Whatever it is, have some sort of activity in mind in case the crowd needs entertaining.

7. Music

Have some sort of tunes playing in the background whenever people arrive. This will make your home feel more full and make your guests feel like they didn’t catch you off guard.

Tip: keep a dinner party playlist ready to go.

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