7 Products That Just Might Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution of Getting Healthy

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By now, you’ve probably hit that point in the new year where you’ve started to loosen up on your self discipline to stick to your new year’s resolutions. Whether you verbally state that you want to get healthier in the new year, it never hurts to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Personally, I’m much more likely to workout and eat healthier if I have cool (and cute) products to help me get there.

Here’s a roundup of products that won’t break the bank that will help you stick to a healthier lifestyle in 2018:

7 Products That Just Might Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution:

Yoga Mat

French Bull Yoga Mat

Whether you’re doing actual yoga or not, having a yoga mat around for general at-home workouts is really helpful. And this one happens to be really cute, so win-win.

Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

If you don’t want to commit to an Apple Watch or a FitBit, this fitness tracker is a perfect in between! It only costs $30 and they come in several colors– it’ll track your heart rate, will connect to your phone so you’ll be notified of incoming texts an calls, and it has a sleep analysis so you can track your sleep habits.

Workout Legging

RBX Active Color Block Leggings

Nothing beats a good pair of workout leggings!

Water Bottle

S’ip by S’well Water Bottle

I am super guilty of not drinking enough water, but if I have a water bottle with me, I’m much more likely to stay hydrated. I love these water bottles because they’re sleek and not super bulky– I throw mine in my purse and I’m all set!

Lunch Bag

Lifewit Insulated Lunch Box

I don’t know about you, but eating out for lunch is one of the biggest distractions from my healthy eating. Get a cute lunch bag so you can pack your lunch to take to work, and enjoy not having to get in your car and deal with traffic at lunch.

Easy Blender

NutriBullet Blender/Mixer

If you don’t have a blender like this, get one. It’s so much easier to clean than a regular blender, and it’s especially perfect if you’re just making smoothies or other items for 1-2 people.

Slow Cooker Cookbook

Slow Cooker Cookbook

Who doesn’t love a good slow cooker meal? This cookbook is filled with healthy slow cooker recipes that you can make throughout your week so you can come home to a hot meal instead of wanting to order pizza.