7 Questions Parents Should Ask the Man Who Wants to Marry Their Daughter

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In the South, we like to keep some traditions alive, even when the rest of the country tosses them out the window. Parents, and especially fathers, still fully expect for a man to ask his (or both parents) permission before proposing to his daughter, and most Southern guys are more than willing to undergo a certain amount of grilling in order to earn that permission. Obviously, this isn’t the kind of conversation that should be taken lightly. In fact, it’s the perfect time for parents to have a deep and meaningful conversation with their potential son-in-law and ease any concerns that they may have.

7 Questions Parents Should Ask the Man who Wants to Marry Their Daughter:

1. Are you ready for this kind of commitment?

It’s a straightforward question that begs a straightforward answer. Parents want to know that their future son-in-law takes marriage seriously, not merely as the next step in the relationship, but as binding commitment – a commitment to love and to cherish in hard times and good times, “’til death do us part.”