7 Terrible First Dance Songs for Your Own Country Wedding


Picking out a first dance song for your wedding is a tough decision. Hopefully, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life and the song will always remind you of that special day. If you pick the wrong song though– it will haunt you. And your family and friends definitely won’t forget it.

Choose wisely.

7 Terrible First Dance Songs for Your Own Country Wedding:

“Sangria” // Blake Shelton

Sure, Blake Shelton‘s “Sangria” is super sexy, but your first dance song just can’t be about alcohol or “wrecking ball dancing down the hallway.” Grandmothers will hate it and the father of the bride will be mortified. Save this sexy number for the honeymoon.

Anything Goes” // Florida Georgia Line

A terrible mantra for your brand new marriage is “Anything Goes.” In a marriage, anything does not go. Hopefully.

“Girl Crush” // Little Big Town

Dancing to country music’s best song in decades, “Girl Crush” is one of the worst wedding plans you could make. Don’t even put this one on the playlist.

“Fishin’ in The Dark” // Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

You won’t be fooling anyone with this one. By now, we all know what “Fishin’ In The Dark” actually means.

“Ticks” // Brad Paisley

Marriage is, without a doubt, about finding someone to check you for ticks for life. However, your first dance is not the time to remind the world of that.

“Real Good Man” // Tim McGraw

Even if the groom is the sexiest dancer ever, there really couldn’t be a worse song for a newly married couple to dance to. The bride’s brother does not need to hear about the groom’s “velvet hands” or velvet anything, really.

“Small Town Throwdown” // Brantley Gilbert featuring Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett

A small town throwdown can be the unspoken theme of your wedding, but dancing to this one could be a real disaster.

Just make sure the song you choose doesn’t offend grandma or embarrass the father of the bride. And if the lyrics are encouraging anything to shake anything passed on to them from their mother– skip it.

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