7 Unique Country Wedding Bars for Your Big Day


The creative possibilities that come with creating the perfect rustic wedding are pretty much endless. Entertaining a vast audience at a wedding can prove to be somewhat difficult, especially with so many different personalities being brought together in one place.

This being said – your bar doesn’t have to be traditional by any means. Personalizing the bar at your wedding is a great way to show off you and your other half’s personalities in a fun and entertaining way. From alcohol to candy, these country-inspired wedding bars are sure to be a big hit.

7 Unique Country Wedding Bars for Your Big Day:

1. Candy Bar

Jars on top of jars on top of jars filled to the brim with candy and treats – who doesn’t love that?! Add decorative to-go bags to give your guests a fun take home present as well.


2. Mobile Bar

Sure, you can use the bar space the venue provides, or you can bring in your own! Use the venue space for more decorations and get your guests outside with an adorable mobile bar to gather around.

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3. Floral Specialty Bar

Signature cocktails on your big day can be a huge hit! They can create a sense of connection between you and your guests even though you may only see them for short period of time during the day. Add your prime flower for a special touch!


4. Wine Barrel Bar

A rustic wedding must-have: the wine barrel. These make for the best decorations whether you use them as tables, picture holders, bar holders or props!


5. Popcorn Bar

The sweet, salty mix of popcorn goes perfectly with everything! Gourmet popcorn is such a hit with parties and there’s something for everyone.


6. Bathtub Bar

What’s better than taking a hot, bubbly bath after a long day? Filling it with alcoholic beverages to share with everyone!


7. Sweets Bar

Not a big candy or popcorn fan? Cookies, cupcakes, pastries and other baked goods can make for one delicious bar set up!


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