8 Craziest Fad Diets of All-Time

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A lot of people start the year with one simple goal, to lose weight and stay in shape — new year, new you, right?

But, typically, this is easier said than done. On January 1, achieving your weight loss goal seems totally doable, easy even, but by January 4, a big slice of pizza and a beer sound mighty good.

This is usually the point where crazy fad, “lose 10 pounds in 3 days” diets enter the scene. You see, for some people, gaining self-control isn’t an option, so they opt for something that seems a little easier.

Word of advice: avoid these diets at all cost.

8 Craziest Fad Diets of All-Time:

1.Cabbage Soup Diet

Apparently you can lose 10 pounds in 7 days with this gem. This low-fat high fiber diet consists of (you guessed it) eating cabbage soup every day for seven days along with oddly specific other groups of food (such as any fruit you want except for bananas on the first day), taking a break for two weeks, and then starting the whole charade over again. Enjoy!

2. The Master Cleanse 

This juice fast has been around since 1940. The cleanse steps are as follow:

  • First, squeeze fresh lemon juice.
  • Next, add maple syrup and cayenne pepper into water.
  • Drink a minimum of 6 to 12 glasses throughout the day whenever hungry.
  • Take a laxative before bed.
  • Take a laxative in the morning, or do a Salt Water Flush.

That’s right. No food!

3. Grapefruit Diet

This one is a fat-free, low-calorie diet that suggests you can lose 10 pounds in 12 days. Essentially, you eat half a grapefruit before every meal, because grapefruits have fat-burning enzymes. Then you have eggs and bacon for breakfast every day, a salad and meat for lunch and a salad with cooked vegetables and meat or fish for dinner plus coffee or tea. You also get to drink a cup of milk as a bedtime snack.

Eggs and bacon? Sign me up!

4. Cookie Diet

This one is particularly puzzling. You eat nine of creator Dr. Siegal’s cookies throughout the day, and then one full meal. That adds up to 1,000-1,200 calories a day — no matter your gender, height and weight.

Makes perfect sense, right?

5. Tapeworm Diet

That’s right, folks, you swallow a tapeworm. Please don’t try this one at home.

6. Baby Food Diet

This one takes wanting to be a kid again to the next level. Replace two meals a day with baby food and have a low-calorie meal for dinner for a maximum of seven days. That’s said to be 600 calories or less a day — aka starvation.

No thanks, I’ll leave the baby food to babies.

7. Sleeping Beauty Diet

This one was made famous by Elvis. You’re put under heavy sedation for days to sleep off weight. No common sense involved in this one, I see.

8. The Chewing Diet aka Fletcherism

Last but not least, why not just spit out your food instead of swallowing it? This one has been around since 1903! You chew each bite of food 32-80 times until it is essentially liquefied and then spit it out. You get the taste, but save on calories. This seems straight out of “The Hunger Games.”

A bit wasteful, no?

Image Source: BigStock