8 Real Items You Can Get For Your Dog That Will Show How Much You Care


I love my dog, and since I don’t have kids yet, she’s basically like my furry child. That being said, I love spoiling her and, much to my husband’s chagrin, I love buying her excessive items and toys, even though I know full well that she’ll probably destroy it somehow, some way.

If you’re like me and you love spoiling your pup just because, then you’re in luck! From fancy Polo T-shirts to their own personal water fountain, there are plenty of items you can buy to set your pup apart from the pack.

8 Real Items You Can Get For Your Dog That Will Show How Much You Care:

1. Puppy Polo

Make your dog look professional and ready for anything in a sleek, preppy polo!

Puppy Polo T-Shirt, 4 pack, $11.99

2. Dog Flannel

Or give him more of that lumberjack look will a classic flannel.

Puppy Flannel, $3

3. New Collar

Ditch the old collar for a new, bright floral print, just in time for spring!

Blueberry Floral Collar, $13.99

4. Dog Sofa

Maybe having a dog sofa will keep your dog off your sofa…maybe.

Dog Sofa, $15

5. Dog Camera

This is on my wishlist for sure, but at $239, it’s not cheap! With the Furbo, you can see and talk to your dog all day long from your phone, and toss treats to him/her. Worth every penny if you ask me!!

Furbo Dog Camera, $239

6. Dog Shoes

Honestly, these dog shoes might be more for you to admire and laugh at, but they will protect your pup’s paws from hot concrete, rocks, or cold weather!

Waterproof Dog Shoes, $19.99

7. Slow Feeder

These slow feeder bowls are becoming more and more popular for helping dogs maintain a healthy weight. It makes them eat slower, which helps them feel fuller faster.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, $10

8. Dog Water Fountain

Only the best boys and girls deserve their own water fountain!!

Pet Fountain Water Dispenser, $34.99