8 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Houseplants


It happened again. You strolled through the garden center at your local big box store and you couldn’t resist those gorgeous, green houseplants. You thought to yourself, “This time, I’ll do better. I will keep them alive! We need the fresh, clean air to breathe in our house”

Less than 3 weeks later, they are brown and sad and dead.

So what’s the deal? Why isn’t it easy to keep our houseplants alive?

8 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Houseplants:

1. You overwater them.

Not all plants are created equal. This means some need to be watered every day while some can go much longer. Do a check of the soil, if it is damp one-inch below the surface, no water is required.

2. You let the water sit in the pot saucer.

You know the cute little saucer that collects excess water? Leaving water in there is the quickest way to root rot (and death!) than anything else. Let your plant babies drain in the sink before returning them to sit on the saucer.

3. You move them around. 

You know how traumatizing a move can be for your family? Plants feel the same way. They don’t like to move around. Find a spot with the appropriate sunlight and leave them there.

4. You leave them too close to the window.

Plant sunburns are a thing. They can get too much sunlight which will cause them to be brown and eventually, die.

5. You don’t “dead head.”

If you want to give your blooming plant another chance to bloom, you have to remove the wilted blooms. This won’t kill your plant per se, but it will prevent it from blooming. And isn’t that why you bought a blooming plant in the first place?

6. You forget to hire a plant sitter.

You wouldn’t dream of leaving your dogs or children without someone to take care of them while you are gone, would you? Plants need care while you are gone too. Get a neighbor, a friend or even hire a service, just don’t leave your plants to survive on their own while you are gone.

7. You over fertilize. 

While your houseplants do need a little boost, too much fertilizer will burn up the roots. This outcome of this is obviously not very good.

8. You forget to move them to larger a pot when they grow too big for their current pot.

Plants will become “root bound” when the pot is too small and will end up basically suffocating themselves. If they grow a significant amount, you know it’s time to repot them.



Image Source: Big Stock