Buffalo Chicken Wings Have Nothing to Do With Actual Buffaloes, So We’re Rethinking Everything


Oh, the chicken wing. For decades, chicken wings have been a fan-favorite party snack, especially when paired with an ice-cold beer and some football. Today, you can find chicken wings in practically any flavor, but unless you’ve watched a lot of “Food Paradise” or just generally enjoy knowing what some would deem “useless” facts about everyday things, you probably have no idea where the act– or should I say, the art and delicacy– of eating chicken wings even began.

9 Things You Should Know About Chicken Wings:

1. They were once kind of unpopular.

Despite how much everyone loves chicken wings today, there was a time when people thought of chicken wings as the “subpar” part of the bird. In the ’80s, consumers began preferring boneless, skinless chicken (diva alert!), which made chicken wings a really inexpensive byproduct for chicken producers (and consumers).

2. Chicken wings and football go together for a good reason.

It was pretty much all about timing, actually. Bars and restaurants were making sure they had lots of TVs and satellite dishes to broadcast the most popular football games around the same time that chicken wings were cheap to buy in bulk.

3. Bars were the first places to serve chicken wings.

Once bar owners realized how cost-effective it really was for them to purchase chicken wings to serve to their customers, they began adding wings of various flavors to their menus, served with ice cold beer and, of course, a good game of football on the TV.

4. Buffalo Wings have nothing to do with buffaloes.

Back in 1965, a Buffalo, New York bar owner named Teressa Bellissimo would soak and cook leftover wings from the day in hot sauce and serve them to her son and his friends. The boys loved them so much, the family decided to add wings to their bar menu– thus the “Buffalo Wing” was born!

5. Someone once ate 444 wings in 26 minutes.

It’s true. Patrick “Deep Dish” Bertoletti holds the world record for “Most Wings Eaten.” Apparently, he ate 444 wings in 26 minutes, while a woman named Molly Schuyler came in second at 440 wings. That’s a lot of wings.

6. Buffalo Wings became especially popular in the ’90s thanks to the Buffalo Bulls.

The Buffalo Bills made it to the Super Bowl four years in a row, from the 1990 game to the 1993 game.

7. Americans eat a lot of wings on Super Bowl Sunday. Like, a LOT.

According to research from past Super Bowl Sunday consumer reports, Americans eat about 1.25 billion wings on Super Bowl Sunday.

8. There’s actually a National Chicken Wing Day (and you should celebrate it).

The mayor of Buffalo, New York declared July 29 as “National Chicken Wing Day” in 1977, and it’s probably one of the best holidays of the year.

9. There are hundreds of flavors of chicken wings you can try today.

While Buffalo Wings arguably remain the most popular, but there are countless options for chicken wing flavors you can try today– and you can buy them in bulk to enjoy at home whenever you’d like.

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