9 Christmas Nail Art Ideas That Are The Perfect Amount of Festive

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There are few things I love more than getting my nails done, but I usually opt out of getting designs or accent nails. In my personal opinion, there’s a fine line between nail art looking really cute and classy, or really cheesy and tacky– especially when it’s holiday themed.

These nail art ideas are festive and fun, but are subtle enough that you won’t get sick of them in two days (been there).

9 Christmas Nail Art Ideas That Are The Perfect Amount of Festive:

1. Simple Snowflakes

Another pretty subtle snowflake! Go for a clear or nearly nude, slightly glittery base with thinly drawn snowflakes or ornaments.

2. Holly Jolly Christmas

If it were me, I’d probably opt to just get the dark green color on all of my nails and call it a day, but the holly accent nail is so cute and perfectly subtle!

3. Red and Tinsel

Who doesn’t love a good red nail polish? Throw a little glitter or foil accent on one finger on top of a bright cherry red polish to give it a tinsel-y look.

4. Ornament Accent

Speaking of red polish…

And how cute are those little ornament accents?

5. A Holiday Message

You’d have to make sure your nail tech has some really strong fine motor skills before attempting this one!

6. Stars That Shine

Don’t feel like you have to use red and/or green! Throw a little sparkle n’ shine on your favorite shade of pink!

7. Less is More

I love a good nude polish, and the snowflake accents are perfectly subtle!

8. Snowfall

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

9. Sweater Nails

How cool is that sweater effect?? I have no idea how they make that work, but your nail tech probably does!