9 Traits of a Mature Man

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Here’s the deal — you’re not a little kid anymore. And for whatever reason, society seems to use certain events as indicators as a measuring stick of maturity from boyhood to manhood. So, whether you are graduating college and getting a job, getting married, buying your first house or having a child, you need to be prepared.

While there is no perfect list that truly defines what it means to be a man, there are a few things to point you in the right direction.

9 Traits of a Mature Man:

1. Listen to the Advice of Others
Just remember, listening to other people’s advice doesn’t always mean you should take it. You have to decide whether or not that advice is right for you.

2. Mind Your Manners
Firmly shake hands, opening the door for a lady, asking a guest if they’d like a drink — yes, they all seem arbitrary but becoming a man is the realization that it doesn’t matter whether or not any of these rules you learn as a child make any sense. What matters is the effect of following these rules as people appreciate the effort and respect you show them.

3. Stand Up for Your Beliefs
It’s not enough to have good morals and beliefs, you sometimes have to actually stand up for yourself and defend those beliefs. That can be especially when your opinion is vastly outnumbered. Be strong. Defend your opinions and beliefs. Those moments you do nothing will haunt you for a long time.

4. Be Patient with Love
Most of the information boys know about girls, especially though social media and Hollywood movies is wrong. The best way to get to know a woman is to talk to her. Ask her about herself and then show her you’ve been listening to what she says.

5. Be Selfless
As a man, you need to live for something greater than yourself. Woodrow Wilson said it best, “No man has ever risen to the real stature of spiritual manhood until he has found that it is finer to serve somebody else than it is to serve himself.”

6. Be Consistent
Becoming a man means being consistent. While anyone can choose to do the right every once and a while, chances are any man that has ever gained your trust and respect has done it through consistency. Real men are people that others can count on.

7. Exercise
Trust me, one day your metabolism will slow down. Your body is like any machine, it may run great when it’s new, but after years of neglect it will slow down, and eventually break down. Maintaining an active exercise regimen while eating healthy will only help fight off diseases and aging.

8. Be Humble
Becoming a man is realizing that you are secure in your abilities and do not find it necessary to place yourself in higher esteem than those around them. In fact, real men are often the quickest to share the glory with those around them.

9. Be Your Own Man
Figuring out who you are and what you believe in is the most important challenge of becoming a man. The important thing is you make those decisions for yourself — not out of spite against authority figures, but out of conviction of who you are and who you want to be.