9 Ways to Save Money on a Night Out at the Bars


Going out to the bars can turn a casual night into a wallet-busting adventure real quick.

More alcohol — in this case — unfortunately means less caring about actual real-life responsibilities. Check out these tips I learned, the hard way, during my bar hopping college days.

9 Ways to Save Money on a Night Out at the Bars:

1. Nightlife App

Some towns have a nightlife app that lists the specials at the downtown bars that night. Simply type “(insert your town’s name here) nightlife” into the app store search bar and see what you can find. The app should list popular bars and all of the deals they have that night. This was probably my biggest lifesaver in college because we would plan our whole nights around the best deals.

2. Twitter

If your town doesn’t have a nightlife app, follow your favorite bars on Twitter. Bars often tweet out the deals they have going on that night.

3. Pre-game

If you have a safe ride to the bars, pre-gaming is always a great option. The pre-game with your friends can often be as much fun as the actual night out, so it’s a win-win!

4. Split a Ride

Pick a designated driver, or share a taxi home with friends.

5. Don’t Open a Tab

Many bars have a minimum amount you have to spend if you decide to pay with a debit or credit card. Even if this amount is just $10, with amazing deals you may not have spent that much otherwise. Plus, every drink makes it harder to remember just how much money you’ve already spent, and an open tab makes it a lot harder to keep track than an empty wallet.

6. Get Cash Beforehand

Speaking of tabs, get cash before your night out to avoid annoying ATM fees.

7. Consider a Pitcher of Beer.

Getting a pitcher of beer with your friends is often a more affordable alternative to buying shots or fancy mixed drinks.

8. Avoid Cover

If you have the luxury of knowing someone who works at your favorite bar, pick a night when they’re working to go. Or, keep an eye out for ladies night free cover deals or just general nights of the week where your favorite bar has no cover.

9. Have Snacks at Home

There may be nothing more tempting in the world than a big, greasy slice of pizza after a long night out. If you know you already have yummy leftovers or snacks at home you just might be able to overcome the craving (no guarantees, here).

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