20 Tech Gadgets from the ’90s That Were Cutting Edge at the Time


When I got my first iPhone, it was hard to imagine technology getting any better, but that’s not the first time I’ve thought that and been wrong. I remember thinking that on several occasions when I was growing up in the ’90s. Back in the day, we had some pretty awesome technology (at least we thought it was pretty awesome at the time). Check out this awesome ’90s technology that was pretty cutting edge for its time.

20 Tech Gadgets from the ’90s That Were Cutting Edge at the Time:

1. The Car Phone (Only for the swankiest of cars)

2. The Portable CD Player with Anti-Shock Memory, of course


3. Sweet PCs with the latest and greatest Microsoft Windows


4. America Online– When you dialed up and heard those sweet words, “You’ve Got Mail.”

5. The Pager– You could always excuse yourself by saying, “Sorry, I got a page. I’ve got to to make a phone call.”

6. The Palm Pilot — the perfect technology for all those Type A personalities

7. Sega Game Gear– When Sega one-up-ed the Game Boy because the Game Gear was in color

8. Television with built-in VCR– it was legit

9. The TI-83 Calculator– Good for graphing points and lines, but better when you’re friends knew how to download cool games like Pac-Man

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10. The see-through land line phone– all the cool kids had one


11. Caller ID– For skipping those unwanted phone calls

12. The Nokia Cell Phone– you could switch out the cover and play the game, “Snake.”

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13. The Sony Video Camera– Don’t miss the 8x Zoom

14. Tiger Handheld games– These were necessary for long car rides, especially if you didn’t have a Game Boy

15. The Talkboy– If you watched “Home Alone,” you had to have one.

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16. Super Nintendo– I would still play this if I had one.

17. Sony Play Station– the graphics were the best I’d ever seen at that time


18. Nintendo 64– It was 3D and amazing!

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19. Original DVD player– As if DVDs would ever catch on…

20. The latest and greatest Apple Computer– good for playing lots of Oregon Trail.