9 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her That She’ll Absolutely Love


I love Valentine’s Day, but I think there is way too much pressure for the fellas to get something flashy and extravagant for their lady. While I think something as simple and sweet as flowers or a box of chocolates says a lot, there are lots of amazing gift options out there that won’t break the bank. In fact, she might not even realize how little you actually had to spend!

9 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her That She’ll Absolutely Love:

1. Sideways Initial Necklace

These sideways initial necklaces are popping up everywhere lately! They’re a fun (but still simple) statement piece of jewelry she can wear every single day– and they’re only $14.99.

Sideways Initial Necklace, 14.99

2. Rose Gold Makeup Brush Set

Every woman loves a fresh set of makeup brushes! These rose gold oval makeup brushes are chic, sleek and will make your girl SO happy! Even better? They’re only $12.99 right now.

Rose Gold Makeup Brushes, $12.99

3. Fringe Purse

Every woman needs a good small purse in their arsenal for when they go out or don’t want to carry around a bulky bag. This fringe leather crossbody bag is only $17.99!

Women’s Leather Fringe Crossbody, $17.99

4. Aromatherapy Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are made by the same company I buy my essential oils from, and their products are fantastic. Each bath bomb contains a different aromatherapeutic scent, from lavender to coconut to aloe vera. Bath bombs are the perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day– and this box set only costs $19.99.

Bath Bombs, $19.99

5. Suede Ankle Boots

These suede ankle boots are insanely cute and come in 6 color options. They range in price from $28 to $35, depending on what color and size you choose, but it’s still a bargain!

Suede Ankle Cowboy Boot, $34.95

6. C.C Beanie

These beanies are super comfortable and durable, and come in a huge range of color options so you can pick the one that best fits her style! Right now they only cost $10.95 on Amazon— If you’re not sure what color to get, go with grey, cream or another neutral.

C.C Beanie, $10.95

7. LuMee iPhone Case

As seen on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” the LuMee iPhone cases light up so she can take the perfect selfie with on-point lighting. What more could any woman want?

LuMee iPhone Case, $38

8. Makeup/Toiletry Bag

Every woman needs a sturdy, solid toiletry bag for when they travel! This one is so much cuter than most toiletry bags out there and only costs $21.99. Win-win!

Primrose Hill Cosmetics Duffle, $21.99

9. Watch

This Nine West watch is gorgeous and super affordable at $36— and she’s sure to love it!

Nine West Watch, $36