The Gator-Snap Gender Reveal Is The Most Redneck Precious Moment Of All Time


It seems that you cannot have a baby today a gender reveal party. I’ve heard that babies will actually refuse to be born without a creative gender reveal. “Oh, you just opened an envelope and told your friends my gender? Yeah right, mom. I’m staying in.”

Quite frankly, it all has gone too far. I’m not sure if its because people want to go viral or…no, that’s it. Yep, it’s definitely that people want to go viral. To prove that gender reveals have gone too far and that there is such a thing as “too creative”, I present the alligator reveal.

A couple pulled the ole colored-jello-in-a-watermelon trick but instead of breaking it with a bat (boring), dropping it from their roof (lazy), or shooting it with a shotgun (been done), they literally pulled and 8-foot alligator into their front yard and let him snap open the watermelon. These are the precious moments that make life worth living.

This has to be in Florida. Only Floridians are so calm with a dinosaur in their front yard. That gator looks so ashamed. He dreamed of being so much more.

Look, I think it’s fin to do a gender reveal. Just know your friends and family don’t really care if it’s a boy or girl. If they love you, they’ll be happy either way.