Amusement Parks: What Not to Wear


Amusement parks ask very little in the way of fashion, and are one of the most casual places you can go. With that being said, there are still some basic rules of style and decency that should be observed.

Fanny Packs

I can’t really say anything bad about a fanny pack from a functionality perspective. It gets the job done. However, I would suggest that you could consider a petite cross body bag. You can use one just big enough for your phone, keys and money, and it won’t get in your way on the rides.

Sheer Tops

I know it’s hot, so less is best, right? Well, just keep in mind that when you get drenched on the log ride, your shirt may become clingy and transparent. Plan undergarments accordingly. Accordingly, as in– wear them.

Tank Tops for Men

Please don’t do it. No one is too interested in all that under arm hair, especially in a steamy environment where we might be forced to stand quite close to you in a line for a long period of time.

Bikini Tops

If the amusement park has a water park area, then this is OK. Otherwise, please wear a complete shirt. Bikini tops may keep you cool, but they don’t really support the girls, if you know what I mean. Envision yourself flying upside down at top speed where wardrobe malfunctions are highly likely. Also, keep in mind that the parks are photographing all these roller coaster moments to try to sell you the pics as you exit the ride. And these aren’t the photos you see in the magazine. You will not be photoshopped.


Boxer Shorts

It seems odd to have to mention this, and I have never actually seen a man in boxer shorts at an amusement park. Yet I have seen some women wearing them. If it’s underwear for your boyfriend, it’s underwear for you too. It may be cute to sleep in his boxers, but please leave them at home during the day! Of course, if you’re participating in a boxing match at an amusement park, this rule does not apply to you.


The mom in me just wants you to have on some tennis shoes that will protect your feet from getting stepped on in line and run over by the countless strollers. Also, a few of the newer roller coasters leave your feet dangling in the air. I have seen riders have to leave their flip-flops in a pile before getting on the ride. Yuck!


Uunless it’s Halloween or you are under the age of 12, please don’t wear a costume. It’s plain weird. Also, what if you wear the wrong costume and you are mistaken for a park employee! There goes your whole afternoon.

Your Best Dress and Heels

Amusement parks require a lot of walking, climbing in and out of rides, and eating junk food. Don’t pull a Kim Kardashian and show up in a dress that’s hard to move around in and easily stained. Your feet will hate you if you wear heels, and so will the person in line whose foot you step on.

Image Source: BigStock