Arkansas Firefighters Use Old Duck Hunting Trick to Help Put Out Houston Fire Amongst Hurricane Harvey Debris

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Two good ol’ boys from Arkansas are getting national attention for using an old duck hunting trick to put out a fire in a flooded Houston neighborhood last week. Central Arkansas Firefighters Jason Hunt and Beau Bishop told reporters they were helping people evacuate from their flooded homes when they saw black smoke in the distance. They followed the smoke and saw Army reservists and Houston firefighters standing in waist-deep water while flames engulfed a home.

Initially, Hunt dove down in the water and connected a hose to a submerged fire hydrant, but the water pressure was not enough. When that didn’t work, Hunt had another idea – an idea he got from duck hunting of all places. The guys used the fishing boat’s motor to kick up flood waters onto the home; they were able to quickly extinguish the fire. Hunt told reporters it was, “just an old duck hunter trick. We’ll pin our boats to a tree in the woods, and we’ll blow the ice out using the boat motors; so I thought it would be worth a try.”

The cell phone video they shared has been viewed thousands of times. Their ingenuity, creativity, and duck hunting experience came in handy at just the right moment.