5 Thoughts Every Mom Has When Back-to-School Season Rolls Around


As I have finally made my way through the multitude of first day of school photos on Facebook, I am struck by the recurring theme — “where has the time gone?” Didn’t I just dump a dozen notebooks in the recycle bin and stock up on sunscreen? How is summer over?

Oh my fellows moms, I feel your pain.

5 Thoughts Every Mom Has When Back-to-School Season Rolls Around:

1. “Summer’s over already?!?”

I mean, I spent weeks planning the perfect beach vacation, and now it is just a distant memory. We had such a long list of fun activities for this summer, and we did not even get to all of them. Although, admittedly, I didn’t try super hard to get to the new water park — visions of wet band aids on the pavement kept crossing my mind.

2. “I’m never going to sleep again.”

Did I mention the sleep? We got mountains of sleep, and I weep that it’s over.

3. “Wait, my kids are in what grade?”

I also wonder how in the world I have a sophomore in high school. I am sure many of you are wondering how you can be sending a kid to college, and others are crying at the entrance to kindergarten. The crux of the issue is the same for all of us. How have the years flown by so quickly? Didn’t I just change her diaper? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I handed her a bag of Cheerios and buckled her into the stroller? God, I miss the Ziploc bags of Cheerios! Of course I also miss being the most important person in the world. It is a fabulous miracle to watch your child grow into a self-sufficient young adult, but heart wrenching to no longer be needed for one last bedtime story.

4. “I’m getting old.”

I’ve also noticed that it’s not just the kids getting older. As I was filling out all the school forms (thankfully available online these days), I scratched a dry patch of skin on my leg. I looked down, and I was bleeding. OMG – that’s something that happens to the elderly! I feel like I’m not that old. I have a vague understanding of hashtags. I use the Cloud. But an x-ray of my right foot showed the beginnings of osteoarthritis. Are you kidding me? I ran cross country in high school, but I guess that was 30 years ago. Holy crap!

5. “There’s no way I can help my kids with their homework.”

Well, in reality, I can’t help my kids with their homework until I find my reading glasses.

Moms of infants beware. You will wake up tomorrow at high school graduation. Your baby will march across the stage as you fight back tears and tuck a piece of gray hair behind your ear. Parenting certainly has its ups and downs, an unpredictable roller coaster of worry and joy. I think the hardest part is you only get to ride once.